Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Abby would like to take Chance (and Dominic) to Society so he can try the new chef’s menu. He doesn’t think that a good idea.

At the penthouse, Devon’s eager to see the photos Noah took of Tessa. Noah’s not used to having to preview his art while in the middle of creating it. Devon would hate for him to waste time if it’s not what he’s looking for.

Abby thinks lunch will be a nice way to ease Chance back into Society. Claiming to be concerned about the danger, he reluctantly agrees.

Nick’s at CL’s in hopes that Sharon might have kept one of Noah’s old Christmas Pageant costumes (for Christian) Laughing at the thought that she’d have kept it all these years, Sharon wonders why Nick’s really there.

Phyllis admires the 1897 Victorian Amanda and Imani leased for their new law firm. Are you really happy for me? Amanda thinks her friend is a little down in the dumps.

Phyllis reports that Jack went to see Kyle and Summer, without telling her. Her inability to forget his confession is affecting their friendship. Amanda has to wonder whether Phyllis wants things to cool down or heat up with Jack.

Phyllis usually handles costumes. Offering to make one, Sharon really loves Christian. You’re a lifesaver and everybody’s rock, Nick praises. Jumping into therapist mode, Sharon wonders why Nick’s taking a box of Phyllis’ stuff to her – is it to reconnect or punish her?

Not used to deadlines, Noah asks Devon when he’d like the album cover done. December 29th? Devon can tell that Noah prefers full autonomy – why did he leave a great gig in London? Noah left for personal reasons.

Chef Pamela’s going to make us one of everything on the menu, Abby chatters to Dominic. Chance? Is that really you? Mariah’s stunned (Tessa behind her)

Mariah didn’t expect Chance to be out so soon. He’s so sorry about her ordeal and that he wasn’t here to protect her. Abby and Chance express their appreciation. She’ll send over samples of the new menu (my treat) After the couples part ways, Mariah asks Tessa if Chance seemed a bit off.

Nick’s not trying to reconnect with or punish Phyllis. Going over to return her things, might trigger some unresolved feelings.

Phyllis doesn’t want to jeopardize her friendship with Jack – and he doesn’t want to have his heart broken by me again. This awkward phase will work itself out. Do you want to rekindle things with Jack? Amanda asks bluntly.

Phyllis has no intention of reconciling with Jack. Then why are you so affected by him flying to NY without telling you? It would kill me if I hurt him again, Phyllis says as Nick walks into the hotel. After Amanda leaves, she’s surprised that he’s delivering a box of her stuff.