Wednesday, December 15th. 2021

Adam’s brought Chelsea and Connor to the penthouse – now you have two homes and can have two trees. Connor remembers when they all lived here – it was the best, wasn’t it?

Sally? What the hell are you doing? Chloe sneaks up on her blond-wigged, sunglass wearing friend at Society.

Chloe wonders if Sally’s disguise has anything to do with Billy just leaving. And you’re looking at your phone like the cat who caught the canary.

You’ll have SO many movie nights now that your Mom’s home, Adam deflects Connor’s questions (then sends him up to look for his soccer ball) Chelsea admires the way Adam handled Connor’s expectations. She wonders what memories Adam moved to escape from – what we had or what we turned into.

Noah’s mock-up of Tessa’s face superimposed over a skyscape was just a joke. Faith arrives to introduce Moses to Noah. When she jokes that Mariah and Tessa are like dorky parents in a sitcoms, the girlfriends are left to share a look (clearly, the comment hit a nerve)

Noah agrees – you two would be the best parents. When Tessa steers the conversation back to her music, Moses loves it. He’s doing his internship with Devon. Surprised when Mariah suddenly has to go, Tessa’s left to chat with Noah, Faith and Moses.

There’s no going back, Adam affirms that they can do right by Connor being good co-parents. As he heads for the door, Chelsea blurts out – how’s things going with Chloe, and Sally?

Sally admits that she was spying on Billy – so his war with Adam doesn’t tank Newman Media. Focus on the fashion line, Chloe’s not surprised that Billy didn’t confide in Sally. Do you even hear yourself? she scolds – Adam’s using you.

Thinking it cool that Noah and Tessa are working together, Faith (and Moses) leave the artists to get back to work. Noah hopes his lame humour didn’t upset Mariah. And as he praises Tessa glowingly, Faith can’t help but overhear and look unsettled.

Louise, the nanny, opens the front door to tell Mariah that Abby and Chance aren’t home. Dominic? He’s with them. Mariah leaves disappointed.

Back at Society, Chloe reminds Sally how manipulative Adam is – you’re playing into his hands. Changed? Look at what he JUST did to Billy; he and Victor took his job. Billy brought that on himself and he’s now spiraling out of control, Sally guesses Chloe’s upset about Chelsea. She’s back in town – are you going to continue playing games with Adam or are you going to be part of our team??

Chloe and Sally make a good team, Adam asks if Chelsea plans to join them. No rush, no pressure. Both agree that Connor comes first (though Chelsea’s left to fume when Adam goes to say ‘bye’ to Connor)