Thursday, December 16th, 2021

When Chelsea lists everyone Sally’s fallen out with, Sally didn’t realize she was such a hot topic in Minnesota. Chelsea’s done her research. She’s impressed with her ideas but how are you not a liability? Sally’s made mistakes and enemies. And she knows about Chelsea’s past too. We’re a lot a like. I have something to prove to the world and this is where I’m going to do it. Chelsea’s begrudgingly impressed.

Interview over, Billy and Lily get to the fun part – the photoshoot. She appreciates the distraction and knows people will wonder if she’s up to the task. Having Billy behind her makes all the difference ~kiss~

Chloe and Sally convinced me this opportunity’s too good to give up, Chelsea announces. Welcome aboard, Adam’s happy to hear it. Your son and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Chelsea marks her territory. Can I talk to you about something? Sally perches on Adam’s desk as Chloe maneuvers Chelsea out the door. What do you think you’re doing? he asks.

Looking at the photos on Billy’s camera, Lily thinks getting professional ones taken a good idea. So – are you going to tell Jack about your plan to trick Adam into thinking you’re drinking again?

At the penthouse with Chloe, Chelsea wonders if Sally will be willing to take orders from her. She’s ambitious – ran her own design house. How does Chloe plan to keep this woman in check?

Sally’s been working her tail off, she’s grateful – she works for me, which means she’ll work for US, Chloe’s confident. Chelsea knows the type – she’s out for number one and probably already has a plan. What’s the dynamic between her and Adam? He’s her boss – she won’t overstep. Good, Chelsea wouldn’t want to see that breached.

Chelsea’s quite strong willed., Sally’s determined. Adam chuckles – indeed. We’re a lot alike, Sally’s sure she and Chelsea will get along well. Adam hopes she didn’t stay behind to make a point. Sally hopes he continues to get pertinent info from his mysterious investigator.

Billy agrees that he should tell Jack the truth – I don’t need to make him suffer again in order for the plan to work. Lily’s happy to hear it. I believe in you as much as you believe in me. But, in his arms, she looks worried.

Next Week: Is your heart set on having a biological baby or would you consider adoption? Tessa asks Mariah …. I’m gonna make you pay – you hear me? Billy shouts at Adam then stumbles on his way out of Society (Lily running to his side) … I can use you – you will be my right hand man, Victor tells Noah…. Ashley opens the estate’s front door to find Traci loaded down with Christmas gifts.