Thursday, December 16th, 2021

In Adam’s office, Sally rephrases his question – you’re asking if I’m the one sending you videos of Billy?

Lily’s at TGP, memorizing the bios of the CI execs she’ll be meeting later when Billy calls to summon her home for a surprise.

After looking at a photo of Sally and Adam on her tablet, Chelsea calls Chloe – it’s time she meet Sally – up close and personal.

Working on her Christmas dinner menu, Sharon gets the OK to invite Nick and Christian (just not his brother) Sharon’s sure Adam has plans with Connor. They’re surprised when Chelsea walks in. She’s not sure she’ll stay past the holidays; which she’s sure will suit some people in GC just fine (like Sharon)

Spying is something the old Sally would do – I’ve turned over a new leaf. But – how would Adam react if it WERE her sending him videos of Billy?

Lily comes home to find champagne on ice, a white backdrop, and a camera on a tripod. He wants to do some role playing.

Every major publication will want to do a feature on Chancellor’s new CEO. And so, Billy thinks she needs a new headshot.

Talk about whether or not Sally’s helping Adam are interrupted when Chloe comes to get her – Chelsea’s at CL’s and wants to meet you. Adam hopes they can convince her to take the position. If that’s what Adam wants, Chelsea will do her best to make it happen.

Apologizing to both Rey and Sharon, Chelsea feels lucky even let her in the coffee shop. Asked ‘What’s next’? She’s not sure where she fits in anymore but is meeting Sally in a few minutes to see if there’s ‘creative sparks’. Seeing her arrive with Chloe, Sharon snarks – Sally gives off sparks wherever she goes. She comes over to say how nice it is to finally meet Chelsea.

Rey and Sharon are happy to see Chelsea doing well. Hopefully, Adam doesn’t undo the progress she’s made. Sharon concludes that they’ll have to deal with each other re: Connor and work (if Chelsea takes the job)

On the patio, Chelsea’s sure the camera will love Sally’s over the top energy. The three of us and Newman’s deep pockets; we can build something extraordinary, Chloe’s excited – and doesn’t want to hear anything about Chelsea leaving town.

Rey’s optimistic that Chelsea and Adam can co-parent as well as Sharon and Nick. Thanks to you, my rock – how did I get so lucky? Sharon gushes.

Playing the role of an interviewer with the unlikely name of Studly Wonder, Billy has fun asking Lily questions.

Chelsea does indeed trust Chloe. But, before she makes her decision she needs some honest answers from Sally.

Looks like quite the summit meeting, Rey comments on the trio of designers on the patio. Sharon doesn’t miss the fashion world – selling Sally a latte is as much contact as she wants with that one.