Friday, December 17th, 2021

Abby comes out from Society’s kitchen to tell Chance that Pamela’s making her favourite appetizer. When Devon and Amanda arrive, she sits them down to show off photos of Dominic.

At CL’s, Nate will give Elena all the time she needs (to think about moving in with him) She has an answer, and a confession to make.

Phyllis ends a call with Summer as Nick arrives at the hotel – he’s already mailed his gifts to Italy, the one in his hand is for her.

Victor stops by the office to see how things went between Adam and Chelsea. Good – she’s focused on the next chapter of her life and after meeting Sally has decided to come back to work, Adam updates. As for the videos of Billy, he’s fairly confident he knows who sent them.

Billy’s asked Jack to come over. No, Lily shouldn’t make herself ‘scarce’ – he’d like her to stay. On cue, Jack arrives – he’s not changing his mind on buying ChanceCom. That’s not what Billy wants to talk to him about.

Nick got Phyllis a gift before they broke up – it’s custom made so he can’t return it. Phyllis got Nick something too – want to come see it? they proceed upstairs.

Elena confesses that she can’t stand the smell of food cooking in the morning. Also, she gets up early to run every day. And she doesn’t like to share closets. Nate has some confessions of his own – he has a large baseball card collection and wears a homemade avocado mask when he’s alone. Laughing, Elena agrees to move in ~kiss~

Adam confronted his mystery videographer. Their interests are aligned with Newman Media’s – Billy’s unraveling; we have him right where we want him. He’s no longer at ChanceCom; isn’t the public humiliation enough? Victor asks. Why show mercy now? Adam agrees to keep Victor in the loop.

Billy tells Jack that it was Lily’s idea to fill him in. Yes, she supports him. OK, Jack’s listening….

After photos, laughs and chit chat about Dominic and Abby’s video diary, Devon’s smile fades when she tells Chance that their son’s first word might be Da Da.

No, it’s not a re-gift; you’ll know it’s from me, Phyllis assures Nick – this doesn’t have to be awkward, right?

Victor and Adam made it look like we published a false story, Billy reminds Jack. Now, ChanceCom’s being sued. Annoyed, Jack thought he was there to discuss moving forward. Billy’s plan is to hand Adam and Victor a story they won’t be able to resist; his addiction. When they run the story, Billy will sue them for publishing lies. You’re not serious, Jack’s horrified.

Phyllis pulls out a locket engraved ‘Love Always, Nick’ with photos of him and Summer inside. It’s beautiful, she loves it. Nick opens his – a cologne ‘Essence of Nicholas’ – it’s customized, nobody else will have that scent. She worked with the company on it for a few months. You’re the only person in my life who’d do this for me, he brings Phyllis to tears. She hopes they never lose their connection. Nick hopes so too. Merry Christmas.