Friday, December 17th, 2021

Abby tells Chance the secret – Dom needs two ‘binkies’. He loves music, especially jazz, Devon adds – and whispering in his ear (a trick he found online) Amanda notices that Chance has withdrawn into himself.

Billy will be hanging around his old haunts, seeing some old friends. When Lily chimes in, Jack’s exasperated – you were my last, best hope. Go back to Jabot or go work at Chancellor. Billy needs to prove that Adam and Victor are the liars. He’s not asking for Jack’s permission – the plan’s already in motion. Jack appreciates the heads up – he won’t lie to his sister and wants no part in this. If Jack doesn’t keep this secret, Billy will never trust him again. What scares Jack the most is the overconfident tone that’s been Billy’s downfall time and time again. I want to be wrong, I REALLY want to be wrong, he slams out.

Devon and Amanda approve of Society’s new chef. After Abby and Chance leave, Devon’s pretty full on appetizers – let’s split something, he suggests as he grabs a menu.

In the hotel lobby, Nick agrees to do a video call with Summer on Christmas Day. When Jack arrives, he’s delighted to be invited. Good to see you both, thanks for my cool gift, Nick leaves (but pauses to scowl before exiting)

Now at Society, Nate and Elena announce their good news. Amanda invites them to sit and order champagne. I couldn’t be happier for you two, Devon doesn’t look it.

Lily hopes Billy’s not mad at her for suggesting letting Jack in on their plan. He understands that it will affect her family and colleagues. Nothing is more important than Lily, if it’s too much just say the word and I’ll drop it.

Lily doesn’t love the idea for causing anyone pain – she hopes it’ll be cleared up soon; maybe she’ll tell a couple of people closest to her if necessary. She knows he won’t be able to rest until his name’s cleared. And then, she hopes he’ll come to work with her at CI.

Over champagne, Nate asks how Chance is. Adjusting, he’ll figure it out, Devon’s sure.

At home, Abby hopes it was OK that she invited Devon and Amanda to join them – you were quiet. Chance hasn’t spent as much time with Dominic as they have. There’s plenty of time, Abby reassures him. When Victor drops by, she runs upstairs to check on Dominic. Asked what his plans are, Chance doesn’t immediately have an answer for Victor.

Jack shakes his head; Billy’s heading down the wrong road again. Drinking and gambling, Phyllis assumes. ‘Didn’t mean to eavesdrop’, Adam makes a beeline over to them – I didn’t mean to push Billy over the edge (another lie) We both know what you did to Billy and why, Jack’s not buying Adam’s ‘excuses’.

Now home, Amanda hopes that the case being solved helps Chance feel less guilty about leaving his family. What can I do to ease your mind? she asks Devon. He’s fine – he got to visit Dominic. Yes, he’s thought about asking Abby and Chance for some time with him but doesn’t want to overstep. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Chance’s spot is waiting for him at the GCPD. You took the job to stay closer to home, Victor reminds. Abby was devastated when she thought you died in that explosion. Being an officer is dangerous; it’d be unfair for her (and everyone else) to have to go through that again, he says pointedly.

You look amazing, Billy compliments Lily. It’s time to take this plan to the next step – and to the very place where everyone who knows his history is expecting him to go.

You’ve heard Billy’s side, Adam assumes. Jack knows for a fact that Billy never intended to publish that story on Ashland (which is very likely true) You and Victor set a trap for him. Are his children of no concern to you? What about Ashland’s child? Harrison’s your grandson, Adam reminds. Phyllis jumps in to scoff at Adam’s sudden show of loyalty. We did what we had to do to put the family business first, Adam denies it was revenge. Don’t play dumb, Jack snaps. I don’t owe you an explanation, Adam stomps off. What’s this about? Phyllis asks. Warfare, constant, endless warfare, Jack shakes his head.