Monday, December 20th, 2021

Summoned to the ranch by Victor, Sally initially denies sending the videos to Adam. He cuts to the chase – what are your intentions?

At Society, Billy’s enjoying Lily’s company and his apple juice – waiting patiently for lady luck to smile upon them (Adam and/or Sally in one of her ridiculous disguises)

Sharon complains about the coffee shop being dead and Noah ignoring her. He finally looks up from his laptop after Nick arrives. Hi Dad – when did you get here?

Connor’s finishing his hot chocolate before bed when Adam drops by with the comic books he left in his car. Connor wastes no time putting his parents on the spot with hopes that they’ll spend Christmas Eve and day together.

Nick relays his talk with Victor – he told me I’m the greatest Father he’s ever known. Do you feel like that, son? he asks Noah (who plays along by saying ‘we’re the best family’) He has some news too; he’s decided to take Adam’s job offer; it seems like he’s changed. Nick, as the best Father in the world, will support his son. Noah must now get back to work on Tessa’s album cover.

After Connor goes up to get ready for bed, Adam and Chelsea make plans for the holidays. He’ll come to the penthouse Christmas Eve and then come back in the morning to open presents. Appreciating the invite to the ranch, Chelsea’s assured that ‘we’re still family’.

Sally knows Victor doesn’t have a high opinion of her but she’s a team player who’s being proactive by collecting ammunition in case Billy comes at them. No, he doesn’t suspect a thing – he’s too focused on drinking. Are we done here? Sally hopes Victor finds her answers ‘satisfactory’.

What are we doing for Christmas?! Connor’s happy to hear they’ll all be spending Christmas Eve and day together. After Adam leaves, Connor’s glad that his Mom’s staying in town for good, but what he really wants for Christmas is to be a real family again. We ARE a real family, Chelsea gives him a hug.

On the patio, Sharon tells Nick that Chelsea’s back and seems to be doing well. What a nice Christmas gift for Connor; having his Mom home. Nick confides that he and Phyllis exchanged gifts – it felt like closure. She might have something going on with Jack. Yeah, it bugs him. Why? Sharon probes. Basically, Nick does want Phyllis to be happy but is bothered that she might be dating while he’s not. Sharon has something that might lift his spirits.

Victor warns Sally – Billy may be a reckless fool but don’t underestimate him. He appreciates the information she provided but there’s no need for more. I’m really good at this – and Sally doesn’t want to let Adam down. Ahhh – that’s your angle – you want to impress my son, Adam.

Billy continues to monitor Society’s entrance, and, before you know it ‘the eagle has landed’, Lily spots Adam’s arrival – it’s showtime. Billy loudly slams his glass of apple juice down as he and Lily engage in a loud argument for Adam’s benefit.