Monday, December 20th, 2021

I’m out of here! Billy stands to bellow at Lily (who just wants to go home) Stop telling me to grow up and act like an adult! he shouts at Lily then turns to snarl at Adam – I’m gonna make you pay. Marching out, Billy stumbles into a chair. Lily races to him as he hits the floor. Adam enjoys the show.

Sally admits she’s attracted to Adam but isn’t pursuing it – we’re friends and colleagues. Good, Victor hopes that’s true – Adam doesn’t need any more complications in his life. He and Chelsea must focus on Connor. Sally won’t do anything to jeopardize her career. She regrets what she did to Summer so is eager to prove she’s changed. Victor loved Vikki’s dress and the buzz it created – focus on your work, look straight ahead – don’t get distracted and you’ll be fine. Victor hopes Sally continues to impress him.

I’m fine – I can get up by myself, Billy refuses to go home with Lily – he’s going somewhere that he won’t be judged. When Adam passes Lily her clutch purse, she snarls at him – this is your fault (and Victor’s) All over a media company! You make me sick! she clip clops out.

Nick accepts Sharon’s invitation to bring Christian over for Christmas dinner with her and Rey (who joins them as they’re admiring the album cover Noah’s done for Tessa – her face superimposed over the cityscape)

Lily comes home to tell Billy – that was fun. He appreciates her support. I love you. I love you too. Allowing her to dab at the tiny cut he suffered during his fall, Billy cuts off her kiss – he has to do a second performance.

You just missed quite the display – Billy literally bounced his head off the floor, an animated Adam reports when Sally arrives at Society. She relays her ‘interesting’ meeting with Victor. Good news – I won him over. The bad news – he knows I’m the one recording Billy and asked me to stop. Adam easily convinces her to continue and is pretty sure he knows where Billy’s heading next.

Entering the seedy bar on the other side of town, Billy gets a warm welcome from his old poker buddies. Naw, he doesn’t want to be dealt in, but he does have a favour to ask of Frankie.

Looking out the window and sipping wine, Chelsea flashes back to happier times with Adam – then the bad. Mom? Connor comes down. No, he’s not OK.

At the ranch, Adam updates his Dad that he might be bringing Chelsea over Christmas Day. Victor’s happy to hear of his plans to spend time with Connor (without sleeping at the penthouse) He has something to discuss that came up today.

In her blond wig, Sally slinks into the seedy bar and takes a seat to watch as Billy makes a bid show of calling an end to his poker game. Good to see you all again, he leaves with a fist full of cash, stopping briefly to look at Sally through the window.

Rey and Nick have a nice chat; Nick appreciates being invited over Christmas day. You’re more than welcome, Rey jokes about Noah’s big appetite. He then rejoins Sharon as she gushes over her artist son. But he looks very uncomfortable as Nick and Sharon laugh with Noah over a shared memory from the past.

Connor doesn’t feel at home in his bed like the thought he would. It feels strange to Chelsea too – but this is home. Maybe we should all stay at the ranch. Chelsea’s staying here, the penthouse is where she belongs. It’ll soon feel like home to both of us, she reassures Connor.

As he and Victor talk business, Adam receives a text from Sally (along with a video of Billy) You’re the best, he replies as he puts his phone away. Everything alright? Victor looks suspicious.

That went great! Billy’s home to tell Lily that Sally showed up, as expected. He gave her an eyeful/earful. Now it’s time to make it up to Lily and pick things up where they left off ~kiss~