Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Merry Almost Christmas, Amanda ends a call with Imani – she’s so excited about spending Christmas Eve with her family. Busy wrapping, Devon reminds that they have plans to look forward to as well – tonight and tomorrow. Next stop the Chancellor estate with gifts for Dominic.

Abby reads Christmas cards; from Ester, then Kyle and Summer. With so much to be thankful for, she wants go to midnight mass. We have our miracle baby, she beams at Chance. Both look at Dominic’s first Christmas ornament on the tree (the one he gave to Abby last year before going under cover)

Running into each other at CL’s, Mariah and Tessa are both loaded down with gifts – and both lied about going shopping. They pretend to be mad at each other.

Ready for the big day? Jack asks Phyllis at Society. She’s sad that her gifts won’t reach Daniel and Lucy until New Years. Better late than ever, Jack’s known Red long enough to know when she’s hurting (maybe the tears tipped him off)

Last year was Abby and Chance’s first Christmas as husband and wife – and now their dreams have come true. Love and hope is what brought Dominic to us, Abby won’t let Chance worry about the pain – that’s behind us; we’re a family. The doorbell rings – it’s Traci with two giant gift bags.

Traci welcomes Chance home – the gifts aren’t just from her; they’re from all the Abbott’s. We aren’t doing gifts this year; we’re donating to charity in Dominic’s name, Abby announces. Just kidding, she and Chance laugh at the gullible Traci. The Chancellor’s are donating to charity but they’re also doing gifts. When Chance runs up to tend to the baby, Traci asks Abby how he’s really doing.

Confessing that they got gifts for Dominic, Mariah thinks Tessa might be ready to talk about starting a family. Oops, she apologizes.

Abby shares her optimism with Traci – Chance wants to make up for lost time with Dominic; he’ll connect with him – she just wants everything to be perfect. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, things don’t have to be perfect, Traci tells Abby to sit back and enjoy. Abby’s not really a ‘sit back’ kind of woman. She wants to make Chance’s life here as fulfilling as being in the field. As they go to the kitchen, Chance comes down with Dominic (looking about as disinterested as if he was carrying a sack of potatoes around)

Phyllis misses her kids; she just wants to hug Summer. Jack misses them too, and Harrison – anyone else you miss? You mean Nick? Yes, and no Phyllis answers.

Phyllis does miss Nick and Christian but that break up had to happen – there was something missing for a long …. I’m wallowing, she realizes – then laughs when Jack invites her to come to Abby and Chance’s. She won’t want me there. She’s on cloud nine, Jack’s sure Abby will be fine with it.

Putting Dom in his bassinet, Chance reads aloud a card from Kim Dunaway; put the past behind you – there are brighter days ahead. Exhaling, he apologizes to Dominic – he really wanted to be here. My team isn’t as lucky – they won’t have another holiday with their kids. Abby and Traci are back – and here’s Tessa and Mariah with gifts.

Amanda and Devon are still at home. She can tell that he misses Dominic and needs more time with him. Have you given any more thought to asking Abby and Chance about that?

Traci continues to be Christmas personified as Abby lets Jack and Phyllis in – here’s some eggnog; a signature blend from MY hotel. Abby and Chance are not amused with her continued subtle insults (that Jack seems oblivious to)

At Society, Tessa surprises Mariah by asking if she’s set on having a biological baby or if she’d consider adopting.

Devon would love to have Dominic for extended visits but isn’t sure Abby will go along with it. There’s no harm in asking, Amanda claims. Isn’t there? Devon doesn’t want to interfere with Chance bonding with the baby. Give it some time. Amanda loves and admires his big heart.