Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Phyllis knows Traci (and Ashley) are protective of Jack; nothing’s going on, we’re just friend, she insists. Is that his idea or yours? Traci asks. Phyllis won’t answer that – she’ll have too much fun making Jack’s sisters think it’s a possibility. With that, she clinks Traci’s glass of eggnog.

Mariah doesn’t have all the answers yes – she’s just amazed to be having this conversations. Which one of us would carry a baby, who would be the donor? Tessa wants to discuss it now. What changed your mind? Mariah asks. You – I’m so proud of you for putting Dominic first – now we can put our baby first.

Jack and I are just friends, Phyllis tells Abby not to freak out. Abby can’t believe how petty she got about a building. It’s not just a building, it’s my hotel, Phyllis gets her back up. Abby wants to be a better example for Dominic. Phyllis takes that to mean SHE wasn’t a good example to her kids (who are amazing by the way) I was always me – be your authentic self. Why yes, she IS giving Abby parenting advice.

Chance knows how lucky he is to be with his son. Jack lists all who’ve loved Dominic in his absence. He knows what it’s like to miss part of your child’s life – but you can make up for it. Let go of the guilt. Celebrate being here now. Dom in his arms, Chance nods.

Abby welcomes Devon and Amanda – with more gifts for Dominic. Devon presents a music box Neil bought for the baby he and Hilary were going to have; it plays his favourite jazz song. Overwhelmed, Abby will cherish it forever. Go ahead, play it, Amanda encourages. In Abby’s lap, Dom stops fussing as soon as the music begins to play. Watching, Chance doesn’t look happy.

Tessa’s childhood was a mess; she must give their child a better life. We can break the cycle by adopting a kid away from a bad situation; give them a stable home. Mariah still can’t believe they’re having this discussion. Our baby will be so loved.

After Devon and Amanda leave, Nina calls to wish Chance and Abby a Merry Christmas from Australia. She wishes she could be there in person. Chance shows her the angel Kay passed down to her/him. She watches over us.

Back at the hotel, Jack declines a drink and hopes Traci wasn’t too pushy. No, she’s just protecting her brother – it’s fine, Phyllis shrugs it off. Hearing that she has nothing planned, Jack invites her to Christmas Eve dinner with the Abbott’s.

Hmm. Wow, Phyllis hesitates then declines – her and Ashley will result in a holiday disaster. She doesn’t want to blow up this friendship – how do we keep it on track? Simple, Jack repeats his offer of dinner with all the trimmings.

Dom asleep in Abby’s arms arms, Chance jokes about finally having a guest-free house. When he goes up to wrap gifts, Abby whispers to Dom that they have a guardian angel watching over them.

Mariah and Tessa kiss at Society.

At the penthouse, Devon’s thrilled with his gift – the framed print of Dominic’s footprints are put on display.

From the staircase, Chance watches Abby as she rocks a still-sleeping Dominic in front of the tree. He’s definitely not feeling the Christmas spirit.