Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Lily comes home with gift bags Billy’s not to look inside. Noting all the mistletoe, she rewards Billy accordingly.

At the ranch, Nikki warns Victor not to talk shop tonight. He’ll try his best. When Noah arrives, he enlists him as his right hand man.

Nick drops by CL’s to chat with Sharon. He’s looking forward to coming over for Christmas dinner and is glad to hear Mariah’s doing well. Sharon can tell that something’s bothering Nick, and thinks she knows what it is.

Ashland tells Vikki it’s time to clock out and enjoy some Christmas cheer. She’d love to but still has work to do.

When Sally makes a point of stopping by Adam’s office to list all the fun things he’ll be doing this Christmas Eve, he wonders if she’s hoping to snag an invitation to ‘deck the halls’.

Wrapping gifts with Connor, Chelsea bought a jacket for Adam and maybe a second gift; a portrait of a house on the lake) Connor’s not sure his Dad will like it. Once he sees it, he’ll understand, Chelsea’s left to flash back to Adam surprising her with the house.

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Vikki insists on tying up a few loose ends before leaving the office. Ashland will help, and no HE’s the lucky one ~kiss~

Victor asks Noah for help wrapping Connor’s gifts. No, not video games – he asked for hockey gear. Noah’s in – Connor will be ‘stoked’.

Back at CL’s, Sharon knows Nick misses Summer. Yes, but she’s happy in Italy. Is it Phyllis? Nick’s been wondering about his ‘place and purpose’.

Billy tells Lily that he and the kids had a blast – they’ve now gone to visit friends. Now that they’re alone, there is something Lily wants to do with him.

Arriving with his Mom, Connor’s excited to see all the hockey equipment. It’s a contact sport, Chelsea worries. Offering to take Connor skating on the pond, Noah promises to bring him back with all his teeth. Requesting lot of photos, Chelsea will pick Connor up later.

Sally’s a lone wolf and perfectly capable of spending the holidays alone. Having some time before he meets Chelsea and Connor, Adam invites her out for a drink.