Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

You may not be sure of who you are but I am – Sharon knows Nick’s a good man, Father, friend and member of the community. I must be a good catch, he jokes. Sharon encourages Nick to follow his heart. We know each other better than anyone else. You’ll work through this, she’s sure (Nick, not so much)

Work done, Ashland and Vikki are ready to enjoy their first holiday season together – and many years ahead.

Over drinks at Society, Sally and Adam are laughing when Chelsea comes in to update that Noah’s giving Connor his first hockey lesson. Inviting Chelsea to join them Adam lies by saying they were discussing the fashion platform. Chelsea takes a seat – how can I say no to that?

Lily and Billy are both thrilled with their gifts – he got her tickets to a Broadway show – she got him VIP passes to Springsteen (also in NYC and the same weekend) Now, for that other thing they want to do having the condo to themselves ~kiss~

Adam works hard to remain festive as Chelsea and Sally’s brainstorming session gets a bit competitive.

Watching Vikki and Ashland looking happy as they arrive at CL’s, Nick flashes back to telling Ashland that he thinks he’s an opportunist with no morals (and a long list of reasons why) Seemingly having a change of heart, Nick approaches the newlyweds, there’s something he’d like to say to Ashland.

After Chelsea picks Connor up at the ranch, Victor’s glad that Noah enjoyed himself and that he understands Adam better now.

Still at Society, Adam chides Sally for her one-upmanship with Chelsea. No – we were feeding off each other’s energy, Sally’s sure it’ll be an exciting partnership. Chelsea won’t see this as a partnership, Adam warns. Sally’s sure she’ll come around. Good luck with that, Adam drinks.

It’s been a year since I was wrongfully accused of trying to kill Adam, Billy appreciates Lily’s support. Oh how in love they are, as they sit on the floor under a blanket.

As Sharon hovers in the background, Nick tells Ashland that, in the spirit of the holiday, he wants to put this chapter behind them and start fresh. Wanting nothing more, Ashland shakes Nick’s hand. Vikki smiles her approval.

Billy and Lily’s evening continues with more wine and kissing.

Wishing Sally a Merry Christmas, Adam gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves Society.

At the condo, Chelsea decides to wrap the portrait for Adam.

Nikki is happy that they’ll have a house full tomorrow but is equally happy to have this time alone with Victor. Marry Christmas, my darling. Merry Christmas, my love.