Friday, December 24th, 2021

At Society, Abby gives Chelsea a warm welcome. He’s beautiful, Chelsea gushes over Dominic. It seems like a lifetime ago that Connor was this small. You must be so happy that Chance is home safe and home; that your family’s reunited.

Meanwhile, Adam and Chance have a stilted conversation at CL’s. Adam’s glad that Chance is healthy and home. We must have just missed you at the ranch, Chance remarks. Adam was going to come by with gifts but wasn’t sure Chance wanted to see him.

** (I missed 10 minutes here – which is a lot better than yesterday when I missed all 60 minutes. I’m on vacation so updates will be sporadic this week. Seasons Greetings to all!!)

Christmas was perfect. Connor was so happy to be with both his parents, Chelsea updates Chloe. And when the subject is changed to business, Chelsea’s excited to get back into design. She had an interesting chat with Adam and Sally – I can see why you hired her – she’s smart, ambitious, but a handful – competitive. Healthy competition is good, Chloe points out. Chelsea needs to be the boss (and wants it in her contract)

At TGP, Sally introduces (and ingratiates) herself to Tessa. She enjoyed her performance at Vikki’s wedding but has been a fan since her GC Buzz days. Mentioning Tessa getting in trouble for using Mariah’s lyrics, she feels a kinship Tessa thanks her. Tessa accepts the praise with a grain of salt.

At CL’s, Chance tells Adam that he feels guilty because he wasn’t here protecting his family. Knowing a bit about guilt,
Adam suggests he look forward, to the future; Dominic is your future. bathe him, feed him, put him to bed – that’s how you create that bond. Learn from my mistakes. Chance mopes out.

When Noah arrives, Sally explains that she was trying to convince Tessa to work with her – you saved me from embarrassing myself further. A new album? She’d love a sneak peek. It’s not ready for public consumption, Noah claims – and after she leaves declares ‘that one’s trouble’ (IE what she did to Summer and Kyle) She’s desperate to make friends, Tessa feels bad for Sally. She’s lonely, ostracized. Good, Noah thinks that good – she deserves it. Tessa has empathy – Sally spent Christmas alone – it’s sad. She brought that on herself, Noah’s unmoved. Tessa has a life she could never have imagined – we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Sharon gives Elena advice on living with Nate – don’t talk about work at home. Make your home a place for both of you – bring your own things; combine them as you combine your life. Nate’s clearing space as we speak, Elena smiles. Don’t look at it as moving into Nate’s place – you’re creating a home together, Sharon adds. Nate has some purple lamps Elena can’t wait to get rid of. She feels excited about the move after after talking to Sharon.

Devon thanks Nate for coming by and appreciates his advice; one last suggestion – tell Abby that you’re attached to Dominic and want an active role in his life. It’s not a selfish request – Abby loves Dom so will be OK with bringing more love to his life, Nate’s sure.