Friday, December 24th, 2021

Back at Society, Abby’s tending to Dominic in his stroller while on the phone trying to confirm her New Year’s Eve menu – I need lobsters and oysters! She hangs up when Chance arrives.- He offers to take Dom home. I’ve got it, he assures Abby. He thinks his goo-goo ga-ga baby talk is making Don smile. He’s not – and neither is Abby.

Noah admires Tessa’s big heart even if it’s directed towards people who don’t deserve it. Tessa loves the album cover image and will always associate it with Mariah because she was thinking of her when Noah took the shot. We’re talking about having a baby. Wow – that’s great – Noah’s happy for them if that’s what they both want. Tessa’s ready and credits her talk with Noah for getting her there. Getting a text, she excitedly reports that Mariah’s got a break so she’s going to meet her in the park. The cover looks amazing – send it to Devon, she leaves Noah’s alone and lonely.

Chance is trying to get Dom to take his bottle when Devon arrives. I can’t get him to take it, he readily confesses.

Tessa’s at CL’s to thank Sharon for inviting her over for Christmas. You’re part of the family. Sharon hated to think of them waking up in a cold hotel room. Nothing there belongs to you. What would you think about moving into the apartment upstairs?

At the office, Adam’s happy that Chelsea’s joining the team. Closing the door, he knows they haven’t had a private time to talk (between Connor. And our awkward date with Sally, Chelsea adds) The significance of the painting wasn’t lost on Adam. Chelsea misses that time – before Sharon. Do you ever miss it? Noah walks in – bad time? Silence.

Noah can come by another time. Chelsea’s thrilled that he’s going to be doing some work for Newman Media and appreciates him taking time to teach Connor some hockey moves. He’s a great kid, Noah jokes – despite his Dad. You’re pushing it, Adam jokes too. After Noah leaves, Chelsea no longer wants to talk about the painting. She didn’t want to put pressure on Adam. Yes, he has fond memories of that time but we need to move on. They agree that spending all this time together is making Connor so happy. Chelsea hopes that can continue while their son’s on break. In the hallway, Sally listens.

After making a quick call to Mariah, Tessa announces ‘we’ll take it!’ Great – Sharon will make sure all their favourites are ready every morning. Tessa thanks Sharon for being so supportive of their relationship. She feels so lucky to be part of this big, beautiful family. She and Sharon share a weepy hug.

Dom fussing in his arms, Chance has tried everything – the bottle, changing his diaper. Maybe he’s tired; Devon has no ‘tricks’ but will give it a try. And as Devon’s whispering in Dom’s ear quiets him down, Abby comes in the door to watch.