Monday, December 27th, 2021

At TGP, Phyllis can tell that Nick’s wearing her perfume. She’s surprised and a bit sad to hear that he’s going to visit Summer for New Year’s. Have fun, she wishes she’d thought of it first.

Billy’s at Society’s bar, performing for Vikki. Pretending to be drunk, he slurs that she’s the Red Queen saying ‘off with his head’! My Dad and Adam didn’t force you to order that drink, she grabs his glass and immediately detects that it’s apple juice. You want me to think you’re drinking? What are you up to billy??

Your drink LOOKS like Scotch – are you trying to make me feel guilty? Vikki declares his ruse ‘ineffective’. Yeah, it’s damn near impossible to get you to feel guilty, Billy scowls. Nice – must be the apple juice talking, Vikki quips. See you around, Billy exits.

Nick’s trip is a birthday gift to himself and a New Years’ resolution (to be more impulsive) Phyllis can think of worse places than Milan to rethink his life choices – have fun. If you need anything done here … I’m not your problem anymore, Nick reminds. True, Phyllis agrees – have a good time – happy new year. You too.

At CL’s, Lily, speaking as a former new parent, thinks Nate might have been mistaken in advising Devon to take his concerns to Abby and Chance. They may feel he’s trying to say they aren’t doing a good job. Nate wonders if Abby’s looked at it from Devon’s point of view. She left Dominic with him while she looked for Chance. Sure they’ll sort it out, Lily leaves Nate looking unsure.

At the estate, Dominic’s up for a nap when Devon stops by to ask Abby and Chance to take a seat. He loves being Dom’s Godfather and looking after him – appreciates them being so open and welcoming. You’re part of our family and share a special bond with our baby, Abby responds. She and Chance looked guarded when Devon wants to amend their agreement.

This experience is more than Devon anticipated; so much has happened that none of us could have predicted. He didn’t expect to be the first person to hold Dom (the most significant moment in his life) or to take care of him – time that cemented our bond. He hopes they can agree that’s a good thing for him to spend more time with Dom. Would you consider amending the agreement? You’re always welcome to visit, Abby responds. Devon wants Dom to have his own room at his place for when he stays over. Devon wouldn’t use the words ‘shared custody’ but that is what he’s talking about.

Lily ends a call as Billy comes home – the twins are having fun with their Dad in Hawaii. Billy may have thrown a wrench into the plan. Vikki knows he’s drinking apple juice; she’ll figure out what he’s doing or she’ll tell someone. If that person’s Jack, he’ll spill the beans. All of this may be for nothing. Is it possible to get Vikki to stay quiet? Lily wonders. Billy must try.

Abby’s confused – did we make you feel left out? You’ve been included in everything in Dom’s life. It’s not about anything you’ve done – Devon didn’t have a father figure until Neil – didn’t know his bio father til much later. We don’t know what the future holds; life is unpredictable. Devon wants to put something in writing. Chance gets where Devon’s coming from – he and Abby will discuss it. Take your time, Devon appreciates them listening. Now alone, Abby doesn’t understand this. Chance does – it’s because of me.