Monday, December 27th, 2021

After a lunch meeting at TGP, Lauren chats with Phyllis. She’s jealous that Nick’s going to visit Summer and not happy that Jack’s gone to NY. Lauren assumes it’s a last-minute emergency. Maybe he left town to get away from me, Phyllis mopes.

Nick’s at CL’s to ask Sharon a favour. Don’t say yes just yet – it’s a big deal.

Lily and Billy are at Vikki’s office to discuss ‘something serious’. Vikki now knows Lily’s in on Billy’s ploy – and way playing on my emotions when coming to ask her for ‘signs to watch for’. Billy wants Vikki to hear them out – maybe you’ll come to our side. Vikki doubts that.

Turn about is fair play, Billy lays out his plan to get Adam (Newman Media) to publish an article on him being drunk/gambling. Only you would come up with a plan so stupid, Vikki hisses – the answer is in front of your face – get another job to earn your good name back. Lily interrupts the bickering to say that the plan is out of the box – but do you want Adam to get away with it? Billy just asks that Vikki stay out of the way. Think it over; we’ll wait to hear from you. Don’t hold your breath, Vikki dismisses them.

Of course Sharon will take care of Christian. She then probes Nick about his pensive mood on Christmas Eve and the dream Nick claims he barely remembers.

Chance blames himself for leaving to go on that mission – that’s when Devon bonded with Dom. I’m the one who left him with Devon, Abby counters. The future is unpredictable – he means me, Chance is sure. Abby thinks that a leap. Chance may have said things to Devon he shouldn’t have. What exactly did you say???

Phyllis declined Jack’s generous offer to spend Christmas Eve with his family because she’d already crashed Abby’s get-together and his sisters hate me. It’s my Christmas gift to them not to go. Maybe Jack’s mad at me. Lauren knows this is about Phyllis and Jack. Yes, we’re in a delicate place right now. Maybe you can make it up to Jack in NY, Lauren suggests.

On the CL’s patio, Devon tells Nate that he took his advice. How did Abby and Chance take it? Abby was surprised, Chance said he understood where I was coming from. Nate thinks that a good sign.

You told Devon you were having a hard time adjusting to life at home, Abby concludes. Chance shouldn’t have talked to him – of course my mental state would concern Devon. I may have hinted I was overwhelmed with being a father – and a mission that went horribly wrong. Being a Father is a dream come true but it’s harder than Chance thought it’d be. Devon’s been here since Dom’s first breath- he can calm him down when I can’t, Chance is frustrated. Abby didn’t realize how much he was struggling. Your relationship with Dom will grow over time. Chance is saddened to know that Devon’s not sure he can count on him.

Home and losing hope that they’ll hear from Vikki, Lily suggests Billy come be a consultant at CI; build your reputation up that way. The doorbell rings. Oh look, it’s Vikki.

Abby wants to take Devon at his word – it’s not to do with you or me – he’s attached to Dom, like Mariah was – she got over it and he will too. She’s concerned Chance didn’t confide in her. It must be frustrating that you and Dom didn’t click right away – but the bond will grow over time. You can talk to me about anything. Hugging Chance, Abby looks worried.

Devon and Nate are optimistic. Come say hi to Elena – she’s unpacking, he invites.

You didn’t want to talk about your dream, Sharon digs some more. Nick still doesn’t. If you change your mind I’m here for you, she lets it go.

You think I should spend New Years with Jack?! Phyllis seems aghast. Do you want to be kissing Jack at the stroke of midnight? Lauren asks – on the lips or cheek? she just sent him a text. Jack will be in NY for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t meant to be, a flustered Phyllis decides.

A million things could go wrong with this plan but Vikki’s decided she won’t get in Billy’s way – for a price. There has to be something in it for me.