Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

CL’s. Mariah and Tessa tell Sharon that they’ve decided to adopt a child of their own.

At Newman Media, Adam claims to be gaining no satisfaction from seeing Billy give in to his addictions. He deflects, defends and downplays his actions to Sally. Billy’s a trust fund baby who could go work at CI or Jabot. So the intel I’m gathering for you is for protection in case Billy comes at Newman Media, not to go after him, Sally’s wishful thinking.

At Billy’s, Vikki makes her demand clear – she wants Newman Media back. OK but Billy wants to run it. Vikki scoffs and points to his recent failure with ChanceCom. Billy didn’t fail – Adam and Victor destroyed me. He wants them to own what they did – you owe me this much. Lily continues to stand by in disbelief.

Do we have a deal? Vikki will look the other way if Billy follows through with his plan to take Adam and Victor down. As they bicker, Lily continues to stand by in horrified silence. Vikki has plenty of reasons to doubt Billy, don’t worry about my motivation – one word from me and your plan blows up. This is my life, my reputation. You want the kids to find out?! Billy bellows – me running Newman Media is good business. Lily reminds what this plan’s about. I deserve this, Billy persists. Vikki will take it under consideration (and leaves)

The drinking and gambling is nothing new, Adam all but yawns as he tells Sally that Billy’s antics have lost their shock value – he understands why she’s on the fence but this s not a preemptive strike. Sally’s glad – doesn’t want anything to derail her beloved fashion platform.

At Society to pick up take out, Rey’s genuinely interestd as Chelsea talks about avoiding the landmines; living in the penthouse with her memories of Adam; working for him. Rey wants her to realize that she’s better off without him.

Back at CL’s, Mariah and Tessa are aware that the adoption process can be long and difficult – that’s why they want to start now – and it’s harder being a same-sex couple. Noah arrives with the final design for Tessa’s album cover. It’s brilliant – wanna see it? We’re in the middle of something, Tessa politely tries to brush him off. Mariah sends them off so she can ask her Mom if she’s really OK with this.

Lily was willing to go along with the plan – she supported Billy sticking it back to Adam and Victor. But now, Vikki makes demands and you change the plan!? She wants you to play the fallen addict so she can go after Newman Media – you really think she’ll let you run it?!

At the office, Ashland’s not surprised to hear that Billy’s faking his downfall. Vikki can stay quiet and let Adam and Newman Media fall into his trap; making Newman Media ripe for takeover. While Ashland isn’t sure it’s wise to go against Victor, Vikki predicts he’ll admire her for it. Keep your enemies close and take everything, Ashland’s turned on by ‘lustful thoughts’ but first, has some good news to share.

Sharon chooses her words carefully – the process of adoption is daunting; you’ve experienced such heartache already. Mariah loves her Mom for wanting to protect her but she and Tessa are ready – bring it on. My partner is just as scrappy as I am.

On the patio, Tessa looks at pretty well the same image Noah’s been working on for weeks; ‘City Diaries’. He credits her music – one of the reasons I adore you… as a friend, a fanboy, he quickly works past the awkwardness. His smile fades, however, when Mariah joins them to see the album cover.