Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Mariah doesn’t want to inflate Noah’s ego but this is incredible. Tessa’s blown away – it’s everything Noah envisioned. Not so humble, Noah can step back and say ‘damn I did that’ – but not wanting to put Tessa on the spot he asks her to live with it for a few days. He’ll take his massive but fragile ego off to his meeting with Adam. Mariah’s left to ask Tessa what’s wrong. She just feels weird walking away from their talk with Sharon – is she not excited about our decision to adopt a baby?

Adam’s not the best role model but he’s changed and he loves his son, Chelsea knows. Rey likes to think that he’d be a good Dad. That time’s passed for Sharon – and he loves being a stepdad. Faith’s lucky to have you, Chelsea’s full of praise. When Rey’s take-out arrives, they wish one another ‘Happy New Year’. May it be a good one for both of us.

Vikki and Ashland are at the ranch to share their good news – the treatment’s working and has stopped the cancer in its tracks. Victor and Nikki are thrilled. Victor thinks it time to put another chair in the boardroom. Well well, the gang’s all here, Adam is clearly an intruder.

At CL’s, Chloe blathers on about her excellent meeting with Chelsea – her return has the fashion world buzzing. Everyone wants an exclusive but since we’re launching our own video platform ….. Earth to Sally – are you threatened by Chelsea being your boss? Or is it that you don’t have a date for New Year’s Eve? Declining the offer to ring in the new year with her, Kevin and the Baldwins, Sally surprises her by saying she has plans.

Eager to start the new year with a bang, Adam’s at the ranch to talk business (but doesn’t want to intrude) Victor and Nikki leave the Lockes to share their news that the treatment’s working. Adam’s delighted for them both. Vikki wastes no time mentioning Billy falling off the wagon. I hope you won’t exploit this. He does this all the time, Adam’s disinterested – there’s not much to exploit.

Billy thinks this could be win win. Lily can’t believe he’s giving up on his plan without a fight. I lost my leverage – me running Newman Media would drive Adam insane. Lily’s stunned that Billy would want to work for his ex and her husband. Vikki respects my business acumen, he insists. She’s using you! Lily’s frustrated – Your cover’s blown. You’re all pawns in her game to out Victor Victor. Adam’s not falling for it. He’s not interested!

Sharon just warned me that adoption will be challenging, Mariah relays. We’ve overcome so much – we can do this, we can make a family, Tessa’s sure.

Noah’s off to see Adam. He’ll talk to Sharon later about how Tessa and Mariah liked his design. As he leaves, Rey arrives – problem? he asks Sharon if she wants to talk? Or a distraction? She takes option number two. I’m all yours.

What plans?? With who? Chloe won’t give up. Sally doesn’t have a date. Who exactly are you NOT going on a date with on NY’s eve?!? It’d bore you to tears, Sally’s coy.

Billy wants to table this til New Year – nothing will happen til then. On cue, his phone rings. Let me guess – Vikki? Lily fumes. Hey Vic. At the ranch, she hisses into her phone – Adam’s here – this act of yours is barely registering – you’ll have to up your game.