Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

Dom in her arms enjoying a bottle of milk, Abby flashes back to Devon’s request for shared custody. You’re up, Chance comes down to say that he didn’t even hear Dom cry. Abby lost sleep last night thinking about Devon wanting to change their agreement. No one could have predicted everything that happened, Chance wonders what Abby’s thinking.

At CL’s, Elena’s ordered coffee for Nate to thank him for helping her move today. He looks forward to waking up with her in his arms – what a perfect way to start the new year.

Chloe drops but the penthouse. Hearing that Connor’s spending the night at a friend’s house and that Chelsea might invite Adam over to watch the fireworks, Chloe doesn’t like the idea.

Sally runs into Adam at Society. Both there for takeout, she asks if he wants to hang out and do nothing together for new years? What’s the nothing you want to do? he flirts.

Continuing to flirt, Adam and Sally decide that they might go see a Hitchcock movie together. Seemingly in agreement, Adam leaves with his take-out.

Chloe was OK with Chelsea spending time with Adam for Christmas because that was for Connor. He hired me; he cares about me – and it’s not some misguided sense of obligation, Chelsea insists. Please tell me you aren’t going down this path again, Chloe’s in disbelief. Chelsea can’t help how she feels.

Elena’s surprised when Devon arrives at CL’s to help her move. Nate didn’t mention it because he wasn’t sure his ‘cuz’ would show up. After Elena scampers upstairs, Devon updates Nate that he’s not optimistic that Abby will agree to amend their agreement.

Dom still in her arms, Abby’s not happy about Devon’s request- he knows you’re doing your best, she reassures Chance. If anything, it’s MY parenting he has an issue with.

Appreciating Lauren’s offer, Phyllis won’t be a third wheel to the Baldwins – or even worse, a fifth wheel with them and the Fishers. Lauren needs a buffer – there’s still tension between her and Chloe. We can trash talk about Sally. You in?

No one would question your parenting, Chance is sure. Maybe Devon thinks it was irresponsible of me to leave Dom with him. And, I let Stitch back into our lives; that shows terrible judgment. Devon’s instincts are better than mine, Abby wails. How will he react if we say no? How far do you think he’d take this? Chance wonders.

Chloe’s frustrated with Chelsea – there’s so many men out there – non toxic men. You think you’re unworthy of a healthy relationship. Chelsea was so happy over Christmas – that’s gotta stand for something. Adam’s changed and so have I. He’ll learn to trust me again. Chloe asks that Chelsea come out tonight and call Adam tomorrow if she must. Do you know something I don’t? Chelsea’s suspicious – does Adam have plans? With Sally!?