Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

Sally said she had plans, Chloe’s cagey. Chelsea suspects they’re with Adam. He and I share history, a child. Chloe doesn’t want either one of them mixed up with ‘this snake’. How do you plan to put a stop to this? Me? Chloe has no say. Don’t stay home and stew – we’ll pick you up around 9. Chelsea’s sorry – like our friend Sally, I have plans.

On the patio, Nate updates Elena that Abby hasn’t given Devon an answer – he’s sorry he convinved him to talk to her. Don’t assume the worst – maybe they’re talking to their lawyer about amending the agreement. Maybe, Nate hopes they don’t turn Devon down.

Chris and I went through the agreement line by line, Abby’s sure it’d stand up. Chance wants to be respectful to Devon – he’s sincere about protecting Dom. We have to do what’s best for our son; our family, Abby agrees to go for a walk.

Chelsea calls Adam – we need to talk, it’s important – come to the penthouse. I’m leaving right now, Adam hangs up.

Abby and Chance wheel Dom into CL’s to hear that Elena’s moving into Nate’s. They’re gushing over the baby when Devon comes in from the patio. Elena ends the awkwardness by asking Nate to help her upstairs. As Dom smiles up at Devon, Chance tells him that they haven’t made a decision yet. Abby then asks for a word with Devon in private (on the patio)

Back at TGP, Phyllis agrees to spend New Year’s with Lauren, Kevin and Chloe (she looks forward to a catfight) Lauren wants her to text Jack – tell him things are good between you two. Think about it – see you tonight.

Still at Society, Chloe can’t stop worrying about all her hard work at Newman Media going down the drain because of Chelsea and Sally’s rivalry over Adam. They’re on a collision course. Chelsea has a plan but wouldn’t share it. Adam’s not worth fighting for and deserves to be alone and miserable for life. Tell HIM that, Kevin suggests. Chloe thinks that a great idea.

Connor’s fine and at a friend’s house, Chelsea tells Adam when he arrives at the penthouse. In tears, she can’t take it anymore – I have to get out of here.

Kevin gets why Chloe’s nervous but let’s enjoy the last night of the year. Would it be so terrible to lose this job and never have to worry about Adam again?

The memories haunt Chelsea in every room. Adam understands – he felt them too; that’s why he moved out. He’s OK if Chelse does the same – she can do what she wants with the penthouse. What hurts Chelsea more than the bad memories are the good ones.

On the patio, Abby tells Devon that she and Chance have been talking. We didn’t see this coming. Neither did Devon. No, he’s not mad at them – he just wants to spend more time with Dom – wants to them to rely on him. Does that mean Dom can’t rely on me? Abby’s near tears – do you feel I abandoned my son when I went to Spain?

At TGP, Phyllis types a message to Jack and hits send before she changes her mind – Lauren told me you’re on a business trip – guess I’ll see you next year.

Chelsea thinks back to New Year’s Eve two years ago – I fell back into your arms – remember the spectacular fireworks that night? We decided to put our family back together. A lot’s changed since then, Adam points out. What happened? How did we lose it all? Chelsea whines.

Devon’s not criticizing Abby or Chance – that’s not what this is about. He’s not used to taking care of a baby but he’ll learn, Abby knows. You’re not asking to babysit – you’re asking for legal rights to MY son. Hearing Dom cry inside, she needs to get back to her son. Watching Chance finally manage to hush Dom up, Devon tells Elena that he can’t help her move after all.