Friday, December 31st, 2021

At the penthouse door, Adam blames himself – I was toxic for you. ‘Noble’, but Chelsea knows her actions is what caused their break up. Can you honestly tell me there’s no chance we can capture the love we once had?

Sally wheels a bag into Adam’s office and nervously waits.

Chance picks up the monitor to look in on Dom – keep sleeping little man. Your Mom’s had a lot on her plate. He plans a special night – flowers, strawberries and bubbly on ice.

Society lavishly decorated for New Year’s Eve, Abby welcomes Sharon and Rey. Happy Anniversary, a tux clad Ray takes Sharon’s hand across the table.

Amanda and Devon are at TGP to ring in the new year.

Rey can’t imagine being any happier. Sharon would love to go to Miami soon. She’s just glad everyone’s healthy and happy; Faith’s doing well, Mariah and Tessa are planning to start a family. Noah hasn’t talked about what happened in London and Nick’s been struggling. He’ll work it out, Rey’s sure.

You did all this? Abby comes home. You didn’t have to do all this (but is glad Chance did) Both are glad they’re able to spend the holidays together, as a family.

* The show didn’t air Thursday and I didn’t watch Friday’s until now. Happy New Year! May you all have a happy and healthy 2022

We’re in a different place now, Adam doesn’t think they should reconcile. Chelsea wants to try again – we owe it to ourselves. She was so happy spending Christmas with him and Connor. Our son is proof we can make something beautiful together. As Chelsea becomes more desperate, Adam’s face expresses pity.

Coming from TGP ballroom, Devon can tell Amanda’s new shoes are killing her. He admits that he’s bothered that Abby and Chance are spending new year’s with Dominic.

After dinner that Chance ‘warmed up’, Abby heaps praise on her wonderful husband – to the point that he feels she’s compensating for something. Abby just wants to celebrate with her amazing husband. OK, there is something on her mind – not Devon – she’s concerned about what’s going on with Chance.

Adam continues to resist Chelsea’s pleading. Last New Year’s he found her unconscious on the floor (her head injury his fault) That year was filled with pain. He wants the best for Chelsea but that doesn’t include anything romantic. Getting a text from Sally, Adam has to leave for an office emergency. Chelsea’s left devastated.

Abby could see how frustrated Chance was when he couldn’t get Dom to stop crying. It takes time. How much? Chance appreciates all the good things around him but feels disconnected. Yeah, of course that makes sense to Abby. She didn’t realize it was this hard for Chance. Does that distance apply to me too??