Friday, December 31st, 2021

When Chelsea comes to Society for take out, she claims to want a quiet evening at home. You’re welcome to join us, Sharon invites and Rey seconds.

Was the ’emergency’ that you ran out of decorations? Adam finds his office decorated for every holiday except New Years – a loop hole in their plans not to celebrate it.

Sipping champagne at TGP bar, Devon appreciates Amanda’s support of his connection to Dom (which makes her think of her own Father) You’re the best Father I’ve ever known. Dom deserves your love as well as Chance’s. They then decide to take the celebration home.

Now at the penthouse, Devon and Amanda keep the champagne and dancing going. They sway and kiss to jazz music – and now it’s time to remove clothes.

Noah’s been so great with Connor – he’s convinced Chelsea that hockey isn’t overly dangerous. As Rey and Sharon get mushy, Chelsea thanks them for inviting her but it’s time to go. Happy New Year, she pauses at the door to look back at them enviously.

Sally has a few Hitchcock movies for Adam to pick from – Cary Grant is the perfect man. Adam chooses North By Northwest. He was glad that she interrupted him; just some family stuff. And, this is a smart choice on venue.

Chance reassures Abby that she’s the only thing he IS sure about. I’m not the man you and Dom deserve. I’m failing as a Father. There’s a void where my paternal instincts should be – unlike Devon. Chance’s own Father left because he couldn’t handle it. He was a teenager, Abby reminds – and he came back. Chance loves Dom but doesn’t think he has what it takes to be a good Father.

Sharon ordered a special dessert but didn’t want it brought out when Chelsea was there. Removing the domed lids, Rey’s surprised that Sharon froze two pieces of their wedding cake. They feed one another the first bite (which isn’t as delicious as on the day they married) And now it’s time to dance.

Sally pauses the movie to refresh her drink. Adam doesn’t understand why they had to sit so close. Because we’re watching on a laptop. As they smile and clink glasses, Chelsea looks in for a few second before leaving unseen.

When Abby comes down from checking on Dom, Chance apologizes for killing the mood. Abby’s fine ending the year with the man she loves. We’ll work through this together. I love you. I love you more. Neither look convinced as they hug.

At the stroke of midnight, Sharon and Rey are dancing, Chelsea comes home in tears. Adam and Sally look at one another. Devon and Amanda are busy on the couch. Chelsea’s drinking. Sally and Adam let the moment pass and take a drink instead of kissing.