Monday, January 23rd, 2022

Lily comes down to find Billy pouting about his revenge plot against Adam and Victor being derailed by Vikki. Sure that Vikki would never let the truth about Ashland come out, Lily suggests Billy move on and come work with her at CI. On cue, they receive a text from Vikki – who wants to see them both at TGP.

Mildly annoyed to find remnants of last night’s celebration behind her hotel’s bar, Phyllis looks up as Vikki arrives to ask how her new year was. Fantastic actually, Phyllis forces a smile.

Chelsea’s surprised to see Sally at CL’s so early – did you ring in the new year with anyone special?

Adam’s flashing back to not celebrating new year’s eve with Sally when Chloe appears to note the office decorations. She finds it hard to believe he worked late last night, given the Caviar, vodka bottle and two glasses.

Lily doesn’t appreciate being ordered around by Vikki on New Year’s Day. Billy still hopes to cripple Newman Media with a lawsuit; Vikki then buys it and lets him run it. He’s going to meet her and hopes Lily will come with him.

Remind Phyllis of her break up with Nick, Vikki’s skeptical that her New Year’s Eve was that much fun – you move on quickly. No, Phyllis is ‘resilient’. When poked some more, she fires back by wondering why Vikki isn’t spending the morning with her husband (and a reminder that Nick found out the story on him) Vikki clip clops off after demanding a carafe of coffee and three cups.

Chloe warns Adam that his new fashion platform will implode if Chelsea and Sally go to battle over him. It won’t look good if your business crashes because you can’t keep your business and personal life separate.

Back at CL’s, Sally tells Chelsea that she and Adam were working last night. No need to explain – he said he has no interest in you, Chelsea pointedly assumes he felt sorry for her (since she was alone for Christmas) Yes – I had all this vodka and Caviar to celebrate with so he helped me out with it, Sally replies with a big grin. Taking a seat, Chelsea would like an update on what Sally worked on with Adam, besides Caviar and vodka.

Vikki thanks Billy and Lily for coming. We almost didn’t, the latter makes clear. When Phyllis begins to hover and chime in, Vikki shoos her off – I ordered coffee not unsolicited commentary. It’s time to kick their plan into overdrive. It can’t just be about Billy spiraling – we need to hit Adam where it hurts. When Adam gets here she’ll set the stage. Why do you sound like you’re in charge right now? Lily asks. Because I am.

Over coffee, Chelsea shoots down Sally’s numerous ideas for the fashion platform (including a make up-fashion tie in) When Chloe arrives to referee between the two, Chelsea leaves – she has to pick up Connor anyway.

Adam’s here – let’s do this, Vikki hisses. Stop – Billy puts the brakes on when he sees that Traci’s arrived too.

When Billy joins her at the entrance, Traci lets him know that Jack told her about his plan. She’s there for a massage (but isn’t onboard with the plan) When Billy returns to explain why he wants whatever Vikki has planned called off, Vikki’s insulted that he confided in Jack before her and she won’t throw in the towel because of one hiccup. I’m not going anywhere and you need me to make this work. Traci could blow this out of the water, Billy frets (though her focus is the massage she came for – and giving Adam a warmer welcome than he deserves.