Tuesday, January 24th, 2021

Abby knows this isn’t the answer Devon wanted – if there’s anything I could do to help … maybe take some time away like Mariah did. No, Devon doesn’t need to go anywhere. Abby insists he’s welcome to come visit Dom any time he wants to. See you soon, I hope. In the hallway, Abby heaves a sigh of relief. Inside, Devon looks gutted.

You’ll always be a big part of my life, Nick tells Sharon. He wants to put the kids first and so, has an idea that involves Noah. How’s my sister and handsome nephew? Nick asks Chance when he arrives. Good – he’s on his way to see them right now. Pledging to put his kids first, Nick has an idea to talk to Noah about. We’ll finish this conversation later.

Sharon tells Rey that Nick had a holiday epiphany. He has an idea that involves Noah – she’s curious.

Abby doesn’t want to confuse Dominic, Devon relays. Amanda’s spittin’ fire – having his Mother run away to a foreign country without telling anyone … sorry. Devon adds – they think I’ll interfere with the bond between chance and dom. that time with him isn’t necessary because he has a mom and dad. You have the right to be angry and you have options. What options? Legal action.

Abby talks baby talks to Dom – your little face makes everything better. If you ever have a problem you can go to your Daddy. I didn’t see his car outside – shall we call him? Voicemail. Hmm Where did your Daddy go?

Chelsea’s unsolicited advice to Noah is not to make himself miserable working with the Newmans. Nick interrupts – wow – you look fantastic. Chelsea has to get to work on some designs. Great to see you. Bye Noah. Nick’s left to tell Noah that he has some ideas – all he asks is that Noah have an open mind.

Amanda’s in lawyer mode – this wasn’t your typical donor situation – you and Abby have been friends for years. she entrusted Dom to you when she left the country – she considers you his de facto father – you rearranged your life, put your business on hold, to be there for that boy every minute of every day. Amanda knows how to build an argument. You can petition the court like grandparents do. Chance wasn’t there when you signed the agreement – it was made solely with Abby. Devon knows taking them to court will affect everyone – including Dominic.

Your Godfather might not be visiting anytime soon, Abby sing songs to Dom. It was the right thing to do. Your Dad’s home – we’re all safe. Are you gonna say hi to your son? she pounces when Chance comes home. His babblings makes Dom cry. Hushing him up she’s stunned to hear that Chance was discussing a case with Rey. You’ve gone back on the force without telling me?!?

At CL’s, Chelsea can’t believe Rey’s so nice to her – you’re a really good guy.

Rey’s pleased but humble – guys in jail don’t think he’s such a great guy. He asks what’s bothering Chelsea. She appreciates that – she was feeling sorry for herself but won’t bore him. He lets her get back to work. Sharon smiles at Rey – she’s right. You really are a good guy, she gives him a kiss.

Is it too late to talk you out of working for Adam and your Grandpa? Nick asks Noah to come work with him.

No, Chance was just checking out the lay of the land – he’d never go back to the force without telling Abby – but he is excited about Rey’s case. This guy’s missing…. never mind, he has theories – for when he gets back to the force officially. Abby looks pissed.

Amanda ponders what Abby and Chance’s next move might be. At the end of the day, Devon agreed without including visitation – that’s on me. Yeah. He just needs to be there for Dominic however he can.