Wednesday, January 5th, 2021

At Newman, Vikki’s mildly frustrated that Billy hasn’t reached out to her – but, working with him will be a small price to pay. Imagine Adam’s face when he learns we’ve bought Newman Media. Ashland’s beginning to suspect that her primary goal is to protect Billy.

The goal was you repairing your reputation not running Vikki’s empire, Lily reminds Billy – You’d rather work FOR her than WITH me. This is you and Vikki falling into old patterns, and Lily wants nothing to do with it (so exits the condo)

At CL’s, Moses looks forward to wearing the sweater Faith bought him for Christmas to school. When Adam comes in, Moses can’t help being reminded – hey, there’s the guy who saved his girlfriends life.

Amanda notes that Devon’s not eating or sleeping – it’s about Dominic, isn’t it?

Chance has been looking up some parenting tips online – he’s also been thinking about returning to the force. Abby doesn’t look thrilled.

Devon sends Amanda off to meet Imani and their first clients – there’s nothing to worry about. Passing one another at the elevator, Amanda asks Lily to talk to him. When Lily enters the penthouse, Devon wonders if Amanda asked her to come over. No, but where do things stand with Dominic?

Chance regrets expressing his excitement about Rey’s case to Abby – he knows she’s not crazy about him going back to work so will ask the Chief to extend his leave indefinitely. Abby heaves a sigh of relief.

Moses is embarrassed about the way he gushed to Adam just now. Faith’s not sure if he’s a good guy who does horrible things, or a horrible guy who does good things.

Billy’s at his old dive bar getting into character and rethinking Lily and Jack’s warnings. In her blond wig, Sally takes a seat and aims her phone. Billy comes over to say this ends now. Pulling her wig off, her orders her to get up – we’re going to see your boss.

Elena – just the person Moses was hoping to see. Faith watches with curiosity as he goes onto the patio to ask her a favour. I’ll be back later, he informs Faith. No, he’s not going with Elena (a lie)

Vikki has no desire to control Billy – he requested being put in charge of the media company (which she won’t do) He’s a useful tool. She knows her working with Billy could be a sore spot for Ashland, but trust me on this – we’ll benefit. Ashland doesn’t approve of or understand this move of hers.

Bringing Sally to the office, Billy knows Adam sent ‘double Oh nuthin’ to spy on him (in her ridiculous disguise) Scoffing when Sally claims she was concerned about him, Billy lists all the times she saw him ‘drinking’; he was sober each and every time and throws bar receipts for apple juice on Adam’s desk to prove it. The money he put on the table at The Empty Glass was to buy his friends drinks – you witnessed what you wanted to witness. Asked to leave by Adam, Sally tells Billy that she’s genuinely glad he’s OK. So what the hell was the point of this charade? Adam asks Billy.