Tuesday, January 24th, 2021

Abby goes overboard in telling Chance hw much Dom enjoyed playtime with his Daddy. She’s learning by trial and error too. You’ll be doing guy things once he’s older. I have faith in you – we’re a team. Chance reminds that they need to come up with a decision to Devon’s request.

Amanda finds Devon staring at Dom’s framed footprints. Abby and Chance were so defensive, he sadly reports. You’ve been part of this child’s life since day one – you gave him life. Devon didn’t want to push the issue too hard. Amanda thinks his request perfectly reasonable – don’t let this go.

Nick joins Sharon and Rey at CL’s. The Rosales’ loved taking care of Christian but are told not to dig into the bags of goodies he brought back. Going to Italy was the best gift Nick ever gave himself.

Noah finds Chelsea all stressed out at Society. Is there anything going on I should know about? he asks – and isn’t surprised that there’s drama – Adam and Sally seemed pretty close at Vikki’s wedding.
Now seated with Chelsea, Noah hopes he hasn’t hit a nerve – how bad are things at Newman Media? He’s not sure jumping back into a family business/vipers nest is the right thing to do. Chelsea hopes Noah doesn’t consider her one of those vipers.

Back at the penthouse, Devon wishes he took Amanda’s advice when she drew up the original agreement. Her only concern is Devon; she hates seeing him upset. Your heart has always been in the right place – giving that little boy all the love he deserves.

Chance doesn’t think Devon’s backing off – he just didn’t want to cause a scene at CL’s. What do I say? Abby asks. Chance thinks Devon deserves honesty. Abby relays Mariah needing to take some time away – maybe that’s what Devon needs too. Babies need consistency – Dom needs to know that this is his home, we are his parents. He can visit anytime he wants but shared custody is out of the question.

The change of scenery was good for Nick – Summer’s doing well – Harrison’s speaking Italian like a native. With a kiss, Rey leaves to go see Chance. That leaves Nick to explain that Summer’s grown being away from the family. That makes him realize he won’t be defined by being a Newman. Sharon looks skeptical.

On the patio, Chance tells Rey that he’s ready to go back to work. Talk to the Chief. It’s what I was made for. He shrugs off Rey’s question about reconnecting with Abby and the baby.

Amanda’s trying to distract Devon with food and kissing when Abby drops by. After Amanda discreetly hurries out to the market, Devon apologizes for things getting tense last time they talked. You’re more than just a friend – you’ve gone above and beyond. I know you love Dom deeply. That said, we’re not going to make any changes to the agreement – Dominic has a home, with his Mother and Father.

Devon’s not trying to take Chance’s place. You’re always welcome in our home – but Chance is trying to bond with his son. Abby’s grateful that Devon took care of him when she went to Spain – but Dom’s Dad has been through hell – he needs time to bond with his son. Abby won’t let anything disrupt that. I hope you understand.

When Rey lays out a case he’s working on, an excited Chance pulls out his phone to take notes.

Having cleared his head, Nick now clears his conscience. He didn’t tell Sharon about someone who was in his Christmas Eve dream. Cassie – she was radiant. A life unexamined is not worth living, she said. Noah and Faith were there too – they told Nick to follow his roots. He thinks that means family – he lists all the kids, then Sharon. He’s finally found what he’s been looking for.