Wednesday, January 5th, 2021

Abby doesn’t want Chance to feel pressured. He just wants to focus on her and Dom. That’s fine with her – she’s new to parenting too; we’ll struggle together ~hug~

Devon tells Lily that he talked to Abby and Chance – he can see Dom any time he wants, on their terms. He wants more than occasional visits and is concerned about Dom’s wellbeing.

Noah joins Faith at CL’s – she and Moses are solid but she thinks he lied about going somewhere with Elena. Noah’s relationship advice is you either suck it up or fall apart.

Billy hasn’t been drinking – you took the bait. He’s just been playing the part Adam’s been dying to see. Laying out his plan to have Newman Media print their scoop, Billy’s finally realized that Adam’s not worth it; you’ll always be the runner up Newman. I can’t bring you down any further than you already have yourself. Billy WILL redeem himself – he knows it’ll always haunt Adam that he could have taken him down.

Coast clear? Sally sneaks back into Adam’s office to apologize – she had no idea Billy was on to her. You said you take no satisfaction in seeing him relapse so this is good news, right?

Vikki’s glad Billy finally responded to her messages but a visit wasn’t necessary. Billy went to the Empty Glass and was hit with a realization that knocked him sideways. He told Adam everything. I’m done. Vikki looks surprised and disappointed.

Dom’s fine, the problem is Chance – he needs time to heal, Devon tells Lily. He told me himself that he’s struggling. Devon can’t help but feel protective of Dom. But now he’s pissed Abby off by asking for visitation. Though he assumes Lily might not get it because Mac carried the twins, Lily agrees with him – you have a right to be a protective presence in Dom’s life.

Billy told Adam his whole plan – leaving out Vikki’s involvement and her plan to buy Newman Media. You couldn’t stand that I was the one calling the shots. You’re pretending to act rationally but it’s a kneejerk reaction. This is why you’ll never have what it takes to play in the big leagues, she assures Billy. When Ashland returns to the office, Vikki says he was right – I was foolish to count on Billy. She’d never put someone so unreliable in charge of Newman Media. Billy’s glad that the people closest to him had his best interest at heart – but look at you; selfish priorities firmly in place – your Father would be proud of you. Vikki’s left with egg on her face.

Back at CL’s, Moses surprises Faith with a charm bracelet with tiny chess pieces. He got her something she can thin of him when she looks at him. Elena and Noah watch on with amusement from the patio. We met at one romantic event and here we are witnessing another, Elena grins. They’re just kids, but Noah knows even us adults don’t always get it right.

At Society, Abby leaves Chance to make Dom laugh. A jealous Devon watches in the background for a few seconds before leaving.

Glad to find Lily home, Billy has good news – he told Adam everything. And Vikki too – if she wants to go after Newman Media she can do so without me. He’s so happy to have Lily in his life. She’s proud of him and thrilled to hear he’d love to come work with her at Chancellor ~kiss~

This is for the best right? That Billy’s life isn’t imploding in front of us? Sally concludes. No more trying to score extra points with the boss by spying on Billy, Adam orders Sally to focus on the job she’s paid to do. In the hallway, Sally doesn’t look too happy (and neither does Adam)

Vikki refuses to waste more time thinking about Billy. She still wants to acquire Newman Media and may have a way to get Victor on their side.

Amanda’s back at the penthouse for her laptop. Devon just came back from Society – where he saw Chance bonding with Dominic. He thinks he’ll need to book some time with her – I need to pursue legal rights to be with my son. At Society, an oblivious Chance and Abby laugh at Dominic.