Monday, January 10th, 2021

Surprise!!!! Sharon, Faith, Moses, Noah, Mariah and Tessa surprise Nick at the coffee shop.

Turning the TV off, Amanda can’t help but think (despite his denials) that Devon’s thinking about Dominic.

Abby enjoyed listening to Chance read Dom a bedtime story – but no, she wasn’t checking on him.

Nick’s sat down and given a crown and noisemaker.

On the patio, Nick calls Monique to say he’ll be home a bit later than expected – give Christian a kiss for me. Should I be worried? he asks Moses and Tessa. Yes, be afraid, be very afraid.

Abby gives Chance a pep talk – parenting is a journey – there’s no one right way to do things. You must be so worn out, Chance sighs. You and Dom are the greatest gifts in my life, Abby’s offer to join her for a bubble bath is declines. Chance is left to look exhausted.

** The show didn’t air Thursday (not on my station anyway) I haven’t watched Friday’s yet. **

Faith starts the roast by coaxing Nick into showing off his death glare. Well, that was sweet but now it’s Mariah’s turn – and she’s not going easy on Nick.

Mariah makes a few jokes at Nick’s expense. Now it’s Noah’s turn. No Father can be too involved in his children’s lives. Does that mean you’re accepting my job offer? Nick asks. You want to hire Noah? Sharon’s delighted.

Hearing a baby cry, Devon calls up to Amanda. Is that Dominic? Dom! he yanks open the front door. Nothing. Daddy’s coming. Amanda comes down – you were having a bad dream. It was awful, Devon gasps.

As the kids go to tend to the birthday cake, Nick tells Sharon that he’s hoping Noah will come work at New Hope with him – assuming he declines Adam’s offer. Either way, Nick hopes their son will stick around.

Noah’s happy to hear that Tessa’s excited about starting a family with Mariah. Everyone then files out of the kitchen to sing and deliver Nick’s birthday cake.

Amanda tells Devon that he has so much love and kindness inside him. Of course you want to protect Dom. Maybe I couldn’t find him in my dream because he’s not mine, Devon reasons.