Monday, January 10th, 2021

Nick blows out his candles to applause. His three wishes are cake, champagne and presents. Of course there’s presents, Sharon teases.

Looking out the window, Chance looks nervous. He hears Abby on the monitor after she gets out of the shower.

It’s not selfish to want to give that child all the love in the world. Dru and Neil gave you that love – you want to pass it on. There’s nothing wrong with that, Amanda reassures Devon.

Courtside seats to the Bucks! Nick’s blown away. Noah gives him a bottle of wine with a label he designed in honour of the Underground. A jazz record from Moses – a photo album from Faith. A out a basket of baked goods from Sharon and a shirt from a vintage shop that’s exactly like one Nick owned years ago. After a little speech it’s time for all to dance to some retro music.

Chance pretends he dozed off when Abby comes down after her shower. He just wants to cuddle for a few seconds.

Amanda hugs Devon

Abby looks troubled as Chance looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.

Noah’s not sure he can back out on Newman Media – Grandpa wouldn’t like that. He might be more accepting than you’d think, Nick relays that Victor’s a big advocate of the Father-son relationship these days. Mariah blurts out her news that she and Tessa are thinking of starting a family. Yes, Sharon knew – she’s very happy for them. Noah clearly isn’t.

Sharon gives Moses some cake to take home to Devon and Amanda. Nick updates Mariah and Tessa that Summer’s doing well in Italy. When Noah leaves before saying goodbye to everyone, Sharon looks concerned.

Chance reluctantly follows Abby upstairs.

Assuring Amanda that he won’t make decisions based on his dream, Devon hesitates briefly before turning the lights off and following her upstairs.

Sharon and Nick are left to discuss how adorable Faith and Moses are – and how happy Tessa and Mariah are. As for the job, Noah hasn’t given Nick his answer yet. Yes, Nick is in a better place after his trip to Italy. We really created something special with our kids didn’t we?