Tuesday, January 11th, 2021

Lily drops by Adam’s office to discuss the ‘cryptic’ message he sent her – she doesn’t believe his ‘good luck’ was sincere. Adam respects Lily and wants her to do well in her new position.

At NE, Vikki informs Ashland that Jill called regarding the sale of ChanceCom to Newman Locke. Victor and Adam must be seething, Ashland assumes. Adam is but Victor’s OK with it.

Nate and Devon run into one another at CL’s. Abby and Chance rejected his request for more time with Dom – and now he’s been pushed into action.

Sally flashes back to Chloe warning her to steer clear of Adam for the sake of the fashion platform. Then – Adam telling her to do the job she was paid to do (instead of spying on Billy) She makes a call – we need to figure out our working relationship. Meet me at Society.

On the patio, Devon tells Nate that taking Abby and Chance to court might be his only option. He hopes they can all push through it as painlessly as possible. Happy to hear that Nate enjoys having Elena living with him, Devon considers them practically newlyweds.

Ashland hopes Vikki isn’t poking the bear. She’s sure Victor will be impressed if they manage to buy ChanceCom and Newman Media. Adam’s of no concern – Vikki knows just how to handle him.

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Lily interpreted Adam’s text as him taking a shot at Billy, through her. Billy’s proven he’s the bigger man. When Adam gets irritated, Lily smirks – there it is – you still haven’t let ‘it’ go, have you.

Adam truly wishes Lily good luck. Yes, he’s trying to get on her good side – in hopes she’ll put in a good word with Jill. Best of luck to you. What do you mean by that? Adam sees what Lily did there. Billy’s coming to work at CI as her COO – let’s all move on with our lives. When Victor arrives, Lily repeats that Billy’s going to work at CI – he waved the white flag. It’s over. I hope that’s enough for you. Nice to see you, they exchange as Lily leaves.

Sally thanks Chelsea for meeting her at Society. She was spouting platitudes last time they met but now wants to repair their working relationship. She’s prepared for Chelsea to veto her new ideas – but wants a reason. Can you look at the work objectively? When Chloe joins them, Sally insists on working this out, right here, right now. Chelsea rolls her eyes.

Billy isn’t spiraling – he was pretending so we’d publish an article on his downfall – then he’d sue. Victor finds that SOB copying their idea ‘pathetic’. He came clean and wants to be a better person (per Billy) Victor has more important things to discuss; Jill’s selling ChanceCom to Newman Locke. What!? Adam heads to his phone. No – we lost. Victor’s off to congratulate Vikki and wants Adam to do the same.