Thursday, January 13th, 2022

On the patio, Chance and Chelsea chat. You’re back. She confides that she and Adam aren’t in a good place. She thought they might be able to work things out. He’s a complicated guy, Chance understates. When Chelsea changes the subject to Dom and asks for pictures, Chance frowns at his phone – I don’t have any. You’re just getting to know your son – that’s more important, Chelsea shrugs it off.

Abby updates Mariah and Tessa that Devon’s having a hard time letting go – this is a critical time – we’re trying to figure out how to be a family. Devon was disappointed that they didn’t agree to his request – maybe he’s just taking some time to make peace with it. Mariah considers reaching out to him.

Reading the paperwork, Devon has to do right by Dominic. He wants to handle this the most civil way possible. Amanda wants him to take a step back – she and the lawyers will do the talking – it’s less personal. Devon wants it to be personal – Abby needs to hear it from me.

You have the patience of a Saint, Sharon yet again gives Rey her full attention. He wants to wine and dine her at a French Bistro, then the museum. When? Right now. Sharon will wrap up a few things in the office. You’re the best, she leaves Rey looking disgruntled.

Devon and Amanda drop by the estate. You’re welcome any time – come in, Abby invites. No, you’re not interrupting. Dom’s up with the nanny having a bath and bottle. Chance is out running errands. Quickly realizing the purpose of the visit, Abby wants to wait til her husband’s here (since Devon’s brought his girlfriend/lawyer)

On the patio, an animated Chelsea claims Connor gets more interesting every day – being a parent is the most rewarding thing she’s ever done. Good to see you, she gets up when Adam strolls onto the patio.

Inside, Chelsea asks Rey for her coffee to go. Spotting Adam, Rey gets it – ‘to go it is’.

Adam’s surprised to hear that Chelsea did a lot of talking – he’s sorry she’s hurt but it’s time to put the past behind them. Getting a text from Abby, summoning him home, Chance tells Adam that life’s short and unpredictable – are you 100% sure it’s over? Do you have any love left for Chelsea? I don’t, Adam says firmly. Overhearing, Chelsea leaves in tears.

With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Adam pours himself a drink in his office and takes a seat.

Now home, Chelsea also pours and drinks – but then hurls her glass at the wall in fury.

At Society, Mariah’s distracted while Tessa peruses the menu. She finds it ironic that she took a step back and now Devon doesn’t want to let go. Wanting to help, she’s decided she will reach out to Devon.

Chance comes home to ask what he missed. Devon has something to say to us, Abby begins. After giving some thought to what Chance told him a while back, Devon’s taking legal action for shared custody – Amanda will be filing it soon. You’re taking us to court to spend more time with OUR son!? How could you do this to us!? Abby howls.