Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

At CL’s, Lily asks Ashland to accept that he won and leave Billy alone. Ashland finds it utterly mystifying how Billy gets strong, intelligent women to defend him.

Vikki tells Victor that she foiled Billy’s plan – if it weren’t for me Newman Media would be in a huge mess. Adam clearly isn’t doing a good job protecting the company.

Outside Society, Sally asks Adam to come to NY with her. It’ll be fun, she promises. The media capital of the world. You’re still here? Chelsea comes out. We can talk about this later, Sally decides. Adam can give his answer now – no, the timing’s not right. After Sally gives him his jacket back, Adam escapes. Chelsea wants to know what Sally was offering him.

Is there a reason you don’t want to tell me what you and Adam were talking about? Just an idea Sally wanted to run by him. Chloe comes out to tell Sally that her things are still at the table. Have a productive time in NY, Chelsea grins. Once Sally goes inside, Chelsea tells Chloe that she must have made a play for Adam – and he shot her down right in front of me. She must be humiliated Chloe’s left to shake her head.

Ashland has no sympathy for Billy – he deserves the consequences of his bad judgment. How charitable would Lily be towards someone who broke her daughter’s heart repeatedly. Lily doesn’t see the comparison – or the justification for them continuing this war into infinity.

Victor doesn’t want to pull the rug out from under Adam by selling Newman Media to Vikki. Buy him another company with the proceeds, she suggests. And supervise him more next time. Can you imagine Newman Lock merging with ChanceCom and Newman Media? -We’d be dominant in communications. Dad, how can you pass that up?

Chloe rejoins Sally inside Society. Were you flirting with Adam out there? He asked to speak to me – what was I supposed to do? Sally hopes this trip to NY isn’t just a way to get her out of town. With me gone, Chelsea might have to face reality – Adam’s not interested in reconciling.

Business aside, Ashland tells Lily that his cancer treatment’s going well. If Billy does indeed move forward, he’ll have nothing to fear from me. Glad to hear it, Lily truly wishes Ashland the best. Same to you, you and Billy (Ashland stumbles a bit on that one)

Cyaxares was part of Locke Communications – it would be a simple reintegration, Vikki’s overconfidence irks Victor. He wants to give Adam more time to prove himself. Fine, he’ll run it into the ground and then Vikki will buy it for a lot less. Victor doesn’t see that happening.

Doing some work from home, Lily’s unable to find a file so makes a call to her assistant at Chancellor – is Billy in with Jill right now? No, no, don’t interrupt, she hangs up assuming the meeting’s going well.