Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Abby’s summoned Devon to the estate. Amanda and Chris are on standby as she announces that she and Chance have talked; we have something to tell you.

At the office, Ashland’s going over the ChanceCom purchase contract Jill’s sent them. Vikki’s distracted – Adam’s right about one thing – Dad’s unpredictable; you can never let your guard down. Ashland only trusts Vikki completely and hopes she feels the same way about him.

Victor seems to have lost confidence in Adam because he didn’t catch on to Billy’s plan. Thus, he’s going to be more involved at Newman Media. Nick and Noah make a surprise appearance at the ranch to make an announcement. Noah wanted his grandfather to hear this from him. Victor and Nikki are all ears.

On the CL’s patio, Mike flashes back to accepting Victor’s job offer until Lauren arrives demanding details. Mike. He made it clear to Victor that he won’t be at his beck and call 24/7 if he accepts this job. Lauren suggests making a pro and con list to help make this decision.

Noah hopes his grandfather’s not mad that he’s going to work with his Dad instead of him and Adam. What about your art? Nikki asks. Noah lost his spark so needs a reset. Having learned a bit about what his Dad’s doing at New Hope, Noah’s proud to be part of it – and what could be better than working with my old man? Not a thing, Victor’s happy.

Abby’s ready to accept Devon’s conditions. Chance admits that he has a lot of healing to do. Devon always hoped they could work something out. He’s grateful and promises that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Amanda and Chris silently approve as Chance expresses his appreciation for Devon being a strong and steady presence in Dominic’s life. Abby agrees – this is what you and Dom deserve.

Chris and Amanda will work on the contract in the spirit it was made; with mutual respect and for Dominic’s benefit. Devon has a request to make – he’d like to give Dom Neil’s last name. Hearing the ridiculously long name, Chance thinks that sounds perfect.

Sharon hopes Tessa and Mariah aren’t getting married to increase their chances of adoption. No – not at all – they can’t wait to get married. We should call Faith, they hug as Sharon smiles.

Going over the pros and cons with Lauren, Mike looks forward to exciting work. In shark infested waters, Lauren adds. Mike’s not sure what he’ll be doing exactly but Victor hinted at a particular concern.

Vikki trusts Ashland and understands why he kept his past a secret. We now have hope to live a long happy life together. Victor said that if I beat this cancer I’d want to get back to work, Ashland recalls. The two of us would be a force to be reckoned with. Yes, she still wants to take over Newman Media – more than anything.

Mariah calls Faith with their news. The proposal? It was beautiful and romantic; Tessa gave me this gorgeous ring. Yes, she cried, Tessa leans in to say. Tessa’s on the phone when Nick and Noah arrive. Mariah has some amazing news to share. Noah locks eyes with Tessa.