Friday, January 21st, 2022

I’m back – did you miss me? Sally babbles about her trip to NY – which would have been better if Adam came – nothing romantic though, Bucko. Adam has a lot going on. Talk to me – we can go grab a bite to eat. Coffee? Sally persists until Adam finally caves – let’s go.

Chloe guesses why Chelsea wants to meet her at Society instead of the office. No, she’s not quitting but she told Adam he has to relocate the fashion division; we’re moving!

At CL’s, Sharon gets a text from Mariah; possible wedding venues. Yes, Rey does think Sharon might overstep – it’s to be the wedding of THEIR dreams, not yours.

Abby knows they’re doing the right thing – but that doesn’t make it any easier, she tells Chance.

At the penthouse, Devon’s still on cloud nine – but wonders if Amanda’s still worried that something could go wrong.

Chelsea admits she should have probably talked to Chloe before demanding Adam move their offices. It’ll be food for us. Chloe thinks they should be in a loft or warehouse space; somewhere creative. Chelsea’s already made an appointment to meet with an agent and look at places. When? Chloe asks. Now.

Sharon worries that it might be hard for Noah to be around Tessa and Mariah – love can’t be turned off and on like a light switch. Nick sees it to. I’m just a detective, not his parent, Rey’s feathers are ruffled.

Of course Adam and Sally run into Chloe and Chelsea at Society. We’re not going back to the office – we’re relocating. Why didn’t I know? Sally asks. You were out of town, Chloe says. You work for us – we make the decisions, Chelsea says. When do we leave? Sally’s onboard – yay team! As she and Adam go off to eat, Chelsea grumbles to Chloe.

Sally doesn’t know that Adam told you there’s no future, she’s too busy telling Adam about her exciting trip. She’s flaunting her connection to him right in front of my face. Chloe thinks Chelsea sounds like she’s not over Adam. Sally whines – did you hear how dismissive Chelsea was? It might not even happen, Adam calms her down. You did come in hot bragging about the Dior show, Adam points out.

Moving on, Chloe wants more autonomy for the fashion platform – we need a bigger staff. The sound of Adam and Sally’s laughter drifts over.

Chance knows Abby’s worried about more than Dominic being thrown off his schedule. OK, Abby worries Dom will one day think they didn’t fight for him. Chance reminds that she loved both Brad and Victor. Dom will have love from all three of his parents and a ton of extended family. He’s a lucky boy.

It’s Amanda’s job to prepare for any contingencies. Abby and Chance were sincere yesterday but nothing’s set in stone until the paperwork’s filed. Devon’s so happy to have her on his side.

Sharon would never think Rey lacks insight into her children. Rey looks forward to being there from the beginning when Tessa and Mariah adopt. Sharon will be one hot grandpa.