Monday, January 24th, 2022

At the office with Ashland, Vikki’s scheduled a meeting with the financial team – she excitedly projects outdoing herself in the coming months. Do you really think you’re going to get away with this? Adam marches in to bark.

Mike’s at the ranch to announce that his departure from DA to private attorney is official – he can now make himself more available (but not too available) Victor has some news too – Newman Locke just filed a lawsuit against Newman Media.

Phyllis strolls over to hear that Amanda just ended a meeting with a wealthy client. She then casually says that she’s toying with the idea of leaving GC for good and starting anew elsewhere.

Phyllis is considering accepting a job at Marchetti, with Summer. You’d uproot your whole life? Amanda’s dubious. Phyllis doesn’t have a lot of roots in GC – she’d have a kickass job with her kickass daughter, in Milan. You’re my only friend here, Phyllis is near tears. What about Jack? Nick? They’re not friends, they’re exes. Amanda continues to throw up roadblocks – is this about Jack going radio silent?

Adam rants about Newman Locke suing Newman Media – it’s my name too! Vikki explains that she and Ashland are buying ChanceCom and renaming it Newman Media – we can’t have two companies with the same name. You can rename your something like Victor and Son. When Adam asks for time alone with his sister, Ashland goes down to get lunch. I know what you’re doing, Adam sees right through her.

Victor informs Mike that Vikki approached him about buying Newman Media, he turned her down – is there any merit to her lawsuit? No – they don’t have much of a case. Assuming Vikki’s aware of that, Victor wonders if this is strategy or retaliation. He has an idea.

What Adam seems as a ridiculous ploy, Vikki calls good business. She doesn’t want her media company mixed up with the one Adam had handed to him by his Daddy. Ah, there it is – this is about jealousy, Adam warns she’ll lose in more ways than one. This won’t sit well with the old man. When Vikki dismisses him to answer a call, Adam has little choice but to take his coat and exit.

Phyllis insists her decision has nothing to do with Nick or Jack. She’s becoming complacent. She can have Crystal run TGP or sell it – for a job in MILAN.

Introducing himself to Ashland at Society, Mike invites him to sit for a chat while he waits for his take out order.

Vikki greets her Dad with a kiss. He’s had her secretary hold her calls because they have something serious to discuss. Is this lawsuit serious? I’m Victor Newman, I created the legacy and it will always carry my name. Vikki agrees – we could avoid a legal battle if you sold Newman Media to me. It would be good for the company and you, as chairman of the board. Where that would leave Adam? Victor wants to know.

Victor understands why Vikki would want to bring Newman Media under the Newman umbrella but would Adam be left to run it? Vikki would be open to the possibility, if her Father’s serious – but Adam would detest working under me. If he refuses to come onboard, is that a deal breaker?

Phyllis doesn’t understand why Jack’s ‘freezing’ her out – he’s a really funny guy, she adds for some reason. She can’t tell Amanda what the job is exactly; it’s a high level marketing position. It’s in my wheelhouse, she insists – it’ll be thrilling to work beside my daughter. Amanda decides to text someone for input who’s known Phyllis longer than she has. You better not be texting Jack, Phyllis yelps.

Yes, Mike’s heard about the lawsuit; bold move but it doesn’t have legs. Both had done their homework. Ashland knows of Mike’s journey from incarceration to redemption. Mike was fascinated by ChanceCom’s story on him. We’ve both lived a colorful life; we like to push boundaries and live for a good fight. Hello gentleman, mind if I join you? Adam appears to ask.

Sure that Ashland will hear all about his chat with Vikki, Adam would rather know what he’s discussing with the DA. Mike’s working for Victor now. Huh, surprising he didn’t tell you. Oh, he did, Adam just didn’t know it’d be so soon. As for the lawsuit, Ashland hardly thinks it an ‘attack’. You haven’t gone up against the likes of Victoria and me, he tells Mike – no offence. After Ashland exits, Mike gets up to pat Adam on the back – this lawsuit’s nothing to worry about – we’ve got this. Adam’s left by himself to wonder what the hell just happened.