Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

At CL’s, Vikki and Billy have a nice chat about the kids and how well work is going for both couples. Vikki touts Ashland as her most trusted advisor; her Mother is her COO. Billy then wonders if she still plans to buy Newman Media. You were willing to conspire with me to get it, he doubts she’d walk away now.

Adam continues to whine at the ranch. Victor thought it would be premature to tell him that Vikki made a pitch for Newman Media. The acquisition would make Newman Locke a formidable media powerhouse. An impatient Adam doesn’t care what it would mean to Vikki – what would it mean for me???

Summoned to the penthouse, Lily’s thrilled to hear the good news that Devon came to an agreement for shared custody with Abby and Chance. Congratulations! she gives her brother a hug.

Coming in from his run, Chance pauses to watch as Abby tells Dominic that he’ll have his own room at Devon’s house. He loves you so much; knows what makes you laugh, your favourite music., toys. Spending more time with Devon will be a good thing, she seems to be convincing herself.

The plan to buy Newman Media’s dead (thanks to you) Vikki lies. Having moved on from his own need for revenge, Billy’s sure she wants to buy Newman Media to kick her brother to the curb and warns against it. And if Victor sells you Newman Media, you’ll owe him – and he’ll own you. Walk away while you still can, he leaves Vikki to think about it.

Back at the ranch, Victor reassures Adam that Vikki will keep him on as CEO if she buys Newman Media. It makes sense to have them under one umbrella instead of competing against each other. Reminded that he didn’t clue in to Billy’s plan while Vikki did, Adam lists his accomplishments at Newman Media. Yes, and that’s why Vikki will pay handsomely for the company, Victor continues to frustrate Adam by being mysterious about what he has up his sleeve (with Mike) You’ll find out, he says cryptically.

Over coffee at CL’s, Mariah tells Tessa that Devon and Abby worked out a custody agreement that works for Dominic. She’s having mixed emotions; pangs of jealousy Tessa finds understandable. Mariah concludes that Dom will be surrounded by love and that’s what’s most important.

Amanda takes Lily up on her offer to help decorate Dominic’s room. Tell your sister ALL of the news, Amanda prods Devon. Lily’s happy to hear that Dominic’s full name will be Dominic Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor. What an amazing gift to give your son.

Sorry to hear that Chance had nightmares again last night, Abby believes they made the right decision for Dominic – but it’s hard.

Ashland joins Vikki in the office to ask what put the frown on her face. Just a run in with Billy. He doesn’t approve of them buying Newman Media – he’s worried and doesn’t think my Father can be trusted. We already suspected Victor had an ulterior motive; maybe to keep Adam in line, Ashland opines. Vikki thinks there’s more going on – but they won’t know until her Father’s good and ready to tell them.

Noah drops by Adam’s office to tell him in person why he took the job at New Hope. Oh, he assumed (incorrectly) that his grandfather passed on the news. He also assumes Adam knows why a son would want to work with his Father. Dad and I are having communication issues, it’s not panning out as Adam expected. But Nick’s a great guy so things should go well for Noah (who greets Sally on his way out) There’s something you should know, she begins. What now? Adam sighs.

Devon thanks Amanda for all her support. Having a baby here one day a week wasn’t part of the plan when you moved in; it’s a big responsibility. Amanda admits that she has no experience with infants but looks at this as an adventure. You’re amazing, Devon kisses her.

Look over the agreement – if you want anything changed, I can take it back to Amanda, Chris tells Abby (and Chance) We’re not having second thoughts but Abby will take the time to go through the paperwork she’s been given. Chris has something else to add – Devon’s made another request. Abby folds her arms with a ‘what now’ expression on her face.

Devon asked if the baby could have an overnight stay – today, Chris adds. Today? Yes, but if you’re not ready, he’ll understand – and Abby and Chance aren’t legally required to comply. Chance wouldn’t mind a night to themselves. Might as well get used to it, a resigned Abby runs up to pack Dom’s things. Chris and Chance are left to look at one another.