Thursday, January 27th, 2022

‘Oh, here you are’, Nikki finds Victor in the living room, scrutinizing Newman Locke’s offer to buy Newman Media. No, Vikki didn’t lowball him but something ‘needs to be questioned’. No matter what Victor does, one of his children will be unhappy (the other child obviously Adam)

Adam decides against calling his Dad and instead grabs his coat and stomps out of the office.

Ashland comes in to the office to kiss his beautiful wife. He enjoyed his video chat with Harrison this morning and Marketing has come up with some great branding ideas for the digital sports media division. You haven’t discussed it with me, Vikki frowns. You don’t have a problem with me setting this in motion, do you? Ashland’s taken aback.

Also at the office bright and early, Billy’s so busy watching the brilliant Lily in action that he can’t get anything done.

At TGP, Phyllis ends a call with Summer. Mike overheard enough to know that she’s going to Italy – for a trip only, he orders. Your life is here – your friends are here. Phyllis disagrees – what does GC have to offer me anymore? Enter Jack.

Jack got home late last night; he and Kyle pulled off a major coup for Jabot’s European division. Am I interrupting? Jack would love to talk to Phyllis. Yes, you should talk, Mike blabs that Phyllis has something to tell him. The pair go upstairs.

Billy tells Lily that he’s very happy as COO but she’s so devastatingly gorgeous that he can’t focus on work. A blindfold certainly won’t help matters and his office is too lonely. Leaving Billy with lips pursed for a kiss, Lily goes back to her desk to get back to work.

Nikki understands why Victor would be concerned about Adam’s reaction to him selling the company. He won’t react well, Victor knows. Why isn’t Nikki trying to influence his decision? She knows better – it will be your decision alone. Correct – and Victor’s made that decision.

Ashland’s glad he has enough energy to take something off Vikki’s plate. If the deal goes through, the sports dept. will be Adam’s responsibility, Vikki’s decided that anything related to her brother should go through her. Ashland doesn’t like the idea of having less influence in the media company once they own it again. Insisting that they need to present a united front, Vikki gets all flirty then hits the button beneath her desk to close the door.

You look like hell, Nick says bluntly as he takes a seat across from Adam at CL’s – what’s going on? Just work stuff, he changes the subject. He’s happy for Nick and Noah (working together) Griping about the old man, Adam’s resigned – it’s too late to jump off the merry-go-round now. No, it’s not. You just jump off. Don’t don’t act like it’s not your choice. Good luck, he says as he goes to meet Noah on the patio.

As they button up their clothes, Vikki sees that she got a text from her Father; he wants to discuss the sale of Newman Media. OK, let’s go. No, Vikki should go alone. Didn’t you just finish saying we’re a team? But, yes, Ashland concedes that it might be highly effective for Vikki to ‘take advantage of Victor’s soft spot for his pride and joy’. Wish me luck, Vikki leaves Ashland looking none too pleased.

In her suite, Phyllis confirms that Jack got her voice and text messages. (He did) ‘You didn’t respond, let’s just address what’s going on’. Jack thought about reaching out but wanted to have this conversation in person. Phyllis explains that she didn’t want to spend Christmas Eve being questioned by Ashley and Traci. But that’s not the real reason you bailed, Jack’s statement is not in the form of a question (RIP Alex Trebek)