Friday, January 28th, 2022

Vikki’s at Adam’s office to announce that Newman Locke now owns Newman Media – she’s the Newman in charge. Look on the bright side; I won’t be suing for the name. Hmmm – I wonder why Dad didn’t tell you.

Ashland and Nate catch up on the CL’s patio. Ashland feels he made a mistake backing off from his business. Nate points out that he was in treatment and not feeling well. Now that he’s back in the thick of it, he feels better than he has in a long time. He won’t shy away from the next fight that comes along.

Meanwhile, at Society, Sally scowls at her phone – what the hell is this? Enter Chelsea – what’s wrong? You seem upset. Damn right Sally is. Her videos from New York are all over the fashion site but have been edited to cut her out. Why is that a problem? Chelsea snaps.

College counselor – Sharon’s impressed by all the universities all over the country. It’s a bit overwhelming. She asks Sharon to take her to see her top choices. When Rey arrives, Faith tries to enlist his help. Sharon agrees but wants her to consider GCU. Yes, Sharon wants to keep her close to home.

Both Abby and Chance had a good night’s sleep. He found it helpful to share what he’s going through with her – but Abby thinks he should talk to a professional.

Vikki’s sure their Father will tell him about their deal soon. Having missed a call from Victor, Adam would like to call him back. Vikki pulls out a measuring tape and goes to work. Can you do this another time? Adam asks. Agreeing, Vikki has one more thing to say before she leaves him to call Dad. I have a lot to offer as a mentor; I hope you looking forward to working with me as much as I’ll enjoy being your boss.

Chief of Surgery is a nice title but Nate spends his time overseeing staff; he doesn’t get to see patients. He has ideas to improve the hospital but there’s so much bureaucratic red tape. Ashland thinks Nate needs a new mountain to climb. I have the perfect challenge for you.

Still at Society, Chelsea puts Sally in her place. The NY videos aren’t the Sally show. And we can’t all spend the day self-promoting, she leaves for the office.

Chance doesn’t want to talk to a stranger – he has Abby. She knows there’s things he can’t tell her (like reaching out to the families of his team) She wants Chance to heal. He’s decided that the answer is to stay busy – so, he’s going to see Rey about going back to work. Abby declines coming along and won’t stand in Chance’s way if this is what he needs ~hug~

Sharon was just having a Mom-moment. When she excuses herself to take a call, Faith and Rey chat about her going away to school. Having family around might be a good thing, Rey says. After Faith leaves, Sharon can’t believe hos fast her little girl’s growing up.

On her way out of Society, Chelsea stops to chat with Chance (who now has photos of Dominic to show her) He’s at his other Dad’s right now; Devon. Chelsea looks stunned.

Back on the patio, Ashland wants to take AskMDNow to new heights and would be happy to bring Nate onboard at Newman Locke. He’s not really a suit guy. Ashland persists – with our resources you can help millions. Give it some thought; the offer will always be there.

Adam’s at the ranch to whine to his Father about him making a deal with Vikki without telling him. Why are you getting so worked up son? The deal’s contingent on you staying on as CEO. You’ll be running the remains of Billy Abbott’s dream. Whether Adam stays on or quits, Victor IS selling Newman Media to Newman Locke.