Wednesday, January 26th, 2022

Tessa updates a supportive Sharon that she and Mariah are going to an adoption ‘seminar’ tomorrow and have joined an online group. She also informs that Mariah got news that hit her hard (Devon’s shared custody) Seconds later, Mariah rushes into CL’s needing a private word with Tessa.

Putting some jazz music on, it feels like the most natural feeling in the world to Devon to have his son here. Amanda really appreciates being part of this night but has bad news; per the schedule Abby sent, it’s bedtime. Before Devon tucks Dom into bed, he needs to add something to the schedule.

Abby paces around; she doesn’t know what to do with herself. We better let people know of the arrangement before someone sees Devon out with our son. And she’s in no mood to answer her phone right now. You won’t want to miss this one, Chance holds up her phone. Devon and Dom fill the screen – say Hi to Mommy.

Chance and Abby can see that Dominic’s doing just fine (he’s smiling right into the camera and patting Devon’s hand) After saying good night, a sad Abby leans into Chance’s arms.

Close your eyes, Mariah leads Tessa onto the patio. Remember our first date? Of course, movie night at the GCAC. Open your eyes. The darkened patio is lit by stars. And now it’s Mariah’s turn to get on bended knee with a ring; Tessa Porter will you marry me. Yes!! Outside, Noah watches them kiss and hug.

Noah continues to watch as Sharon comes out to hug both and admire Tessa’s ‘beautiful’ ring. Spotting Noah, Mariah insists halls him in to join the wedding planning. Sharon’s ideas for a party are politely vetoed by Mariah as too traditional. Your two proposals are unique; Noah adds that Tessa’s online fans call the couple ‘Teriah’ – he has an idea; the perfect way to celebrate your engagement.

Dominic’s in his playpen. He’s not settling in, Devon tells Amanda that maybe he just needs to get acclimated, like the rest of us.

Yes, it was nice to see that Dominic’s happy at Devon’s, but Abby’s still out of sorts. Chance doesn’t think this one night of the week should be an ordeal they get through – he’ll make it a special night; you’ll see.

Noah suggests a listening party for Tessa’s new album. No, Tessa doesn’t want it to be about just her. But yes, it is one long love song to Mariah. Sharon’s now onboard and so’s Mariah. They all love it. Sharon smiles proudly at Noah.

Candles lit, and in her robe, Abby gets a lame massage. I’ve been so stressed and on alert – thanks for reminding me to slow down. We can not only survive, we can thrive as a family. Chance is amazed at her strength and heart (that brought him back to GC) I’ll be the Father and husband I’m supposed to be.

Watching Dominic finally asleep, Amanda suggests it’s time she and Devon do the same. Loud Lily arrives – a loud knock on the door; clapping her hands – I really wanted to see Dom, she barges in. Dom’s now awake – and crying. Was that me? Lily’s sorry.