Friday, April 29th, 2022

Opening the door, Kyle’s scowl stops Diane from pouncing on him. Instead, she thanks him for giving her the chance to explain. You have a lot to explain, Kyle tells her to come in.

At CL’s, Jack and Phyllis wonder how things are going between Diane and Kyle. Jack’s having second thoughts about arranging this meeting. It’s a mistake Kyle might pay the price for.

Abby comes down as Chance arrives home. He repeats what he just told Sharon. Rey had a heart attack. Just like that, he was gone.

Correctly assuming that Kyle’s confused and angry, Diane’s only request is that he keep an open mind.

Abby’s annoyed when the doorbell interrupts Chance opening up about losing his partner and best friend. Hi Daddy! Abby jumps up to hug Victor. Chance is glad he stopped by – there’s something you need to know.

Back at CL’s, Jack worries Kyle will be vulnerable to Diane. You did the right thing, Phyllis points out that Kyle’s an adult who can make his own decisions. Jack’s puzzled when Phyllis wants to ‘cover our bases’ on something.

Of course, I recognize you, Diane weepily tells Kyle that she’s followed his life (online) and is so impressed and proud. This isn’t about me – Kyle wants to know why she faked her death and never once reached out.

Chance tells Victor what he just told Sharon (he wasn’t able to reach Vikki; it’s not something to leave on voicemail) Victor’s there to see his grandson (and have a talk with Chance when Abby goes to check on Dom)

Kyle remembers the last time he saw his Mother – dropped off at boarding school with a new name – pretend to be someone else. Kyle trusted his Mom with his whole being. You said you’d come back. But Dad’s the one who came for me – to tell me you were killed and I was to live with him. Diane sent Kyle away because everyone hated her; the Newmans, the Abbotts. She had every intention of returning but taking you away would ruin your life. I couldn’t do that to you!

What will Jack do if Kyle decides to reconnect with his Mother? He’d tell him to rethink it but respect his decision. Phyllis is surprised by Jack being so open to believing Diane is sincere; that she’s changed.

A concerned father in law, Victor just wanted to see how Chance is dealing with his loss. I’m managing; Abby’s worried about me, Chance confides. Let Rey’s death be a reminder to embrace life. Heal; be strong – one day your wife may need to lean on you.

You abandoned me, Kyle sulks. You’re my only child; my pride and joy. All I had to offer was a life on the run, Diane knows Jack would never stop looking for us. I was toxic – Jack gave you the stability I couldn’t, he made you the man you are today. Kyle expresses the pain and emptiness he felt; he’d never let his son suffer like that. Dad did his best to fill the gaping hole you left; he never once tarnished your memory. Diane owes Jack a huge debt. I was cruel, vindictive (the list goes on) I’m not that person anymore. How am I supposed to believe that? Kyle’s torn.

Chance thanks Victor for the words of wisdom. They joke about all the stories Grandpa Victor’s going to tell his grandson. When Abby comes down to send Victor up to see Dom, she comments on Chance’s good mood. He thinks she’ll be happy that her Father stopped by.