Monday, May 2nd, 2022

No sooner has Nikki raced into Newman Media to fret to Victor about not being able to reach Vikki – when she limps into the office (and is soon stunned to hear that Rey’s death was caused by a heart attack)

Glad that Vikki’s relieved by her update, Nikki heads off to a meeting. That leaves Father and daughter to butt heads. Refusing to keep Adam on as co-CEO, Vikki delivers an ultimatum – him or me.

Billy’s aware that the women in his life are more capable than he is -but he hates Ashland Locke and that he’s still in town. Ashland Locke this and Ashland Locke that, he blathers on to Lily.

Kyle can’t commit to officiating Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. Yes, something’s wrong. Yes, he’d like to confide in his friend Mariah (back at the house though)

Why are you so stubborn?! Victor’s not convinced Vikki’s purged herself of ‘that bastard’. Well, she’s done with being second-guessed! If you choose Adam, I go – and I won’t look back! When Adam appears, Vikki snaps ‘Dad will fill you in’ and hobbles out. We have a problem, son, Victor says.

Not wanting Billy to become obsessed (again) Lily asks that he PLEASE stop it!

Back at the house, Kyle has another drink as he tells Mariah what his not-dead-after-all Mother wants, and how he’s struggling to decide what to do about it.

(Who didn’t see this coming?) Billy and Ashland have a stare-down at TGP.

Adam correctly guesses that Vikki has a problem with him retaining a leadership role. Victor has another problem – Diane Jenkins is alive and in town.

Kyle’s instinct is to make amends with his Mother and make up for lost time. It’s everything he wished for as a kid. Mariah’s afraid he’s setting himself up to be hurt – how can you trust her? How can you let her anywhere near Summer or Harrison?

Diane unzips the suitcase she’s put on her bed and leaves a message for Jack – Kyle’s reaction wasn’t what she hoped for; she’s leaving for LA in the morning.