Tuesday, April 3rd, 2022

Sally interrupts Adam and Victor discussing someone they thought was dead. Who? Diane Jenkins; Kyle’s Mother.

Coming home, Jack doesn’t listen to Diane’s message. Kyle hasn’t decided what to do. Take all the time you need, Jack points out that Diane sure did.

At Newman, Vikki complains to her Mom; she’s insulted that Dad asked her to work with Adam and gave him an ultimatum – him or me (much to Nikki’s surprise)

In TGP lobby, Ashland won’t answer any of Billy’s questions. As for him and Vikki, that’s none of your business. Billy demands Ashland stay away from her.

Not intimidated when Ashland wonders if Lily knows that Billy’s still in love with his ex, Billy warns he’s playing with fire. Being on Victor’s hit list isn’t a fun place to be, he leaves Ashland to think.

Back at Newman Media, Adam wastes no time informing Sally that his Dad married Diane – twice. And dated Nick. But, when Victor brings up Adam’s connection to Diane, he quickly changes the subject to Vikki. She’s not very fond of you, Victor understates.

** Thanks so much to everyone who donated, shared or said a prayer for Winston. I am overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.

Hobbling to her desk, Vikki declares Adam a snake (another understatement) Reluctantly citing Adam’s good qualities, Nikki’s surprised when Vikki decides she will hire a co-CEO – you.

Telling his Dad that he spilled his guts to Mariah, Kyle will now go visit the only person who can answer his questions. Wishing him ‘good luck’, Jack then gets a call. Ashland has something important to discuss.

You plotted behind your sister’s back. Despite Victor’s encouragement, she’d rather resign than work with you. Sally and Adam share a look (this derails their plan)

Nikki gently expresses reservations about being in the middle of Vikki and her Father. Listing all the reasons why her Mother is perfect for the job, Vikki concludes with – you’re not going to turn down my offer, are you?

Surprised when Kyle comes to her suite, Diane’s told not to read too much into it. How do I know you’ve really changed?

At Society, Jack confirms he hasn’t spoken to his brother and hopes it’s not Ashland’s health. No, Ashland’s done some reprehensible things that will soon come out; he wants to protect Harrison. What is it you’ve done? Jack wants to know.

Vikki continues to pressure her Mom to take some work off her plate. This is a sincere offer – we’d have so much fun. Your Father won’t think so – Adam won’t either. Sure the news about Ashland is about to come out, Nikki thinks the family should present a united front but can’t deny that Vikki raises good points.