Tuesday, April 3rd, 2022

Call Vikki’s bluff, Sally’s sure she won’t quit her dream job because she has to share it with her smart, capable brother. Instead, Victor wants Adam to prove himself to Vikki. Yes, you have your work cut out for you.

Back at Society, Ashland tells Jack that he faked cancer to speed up the merger and marriage. Kyle and Summer may keep him from Harrison when it all comes out, he worries. You damn well should be worried, Jack has no sympathy.

Diane understands if Kyle doesn’t forgive her. He thought she was the best Mother – he couldn’t believe she did all the things Phyllis wrote about in her expose. Blackmail, arson etc. Diane’s now an open book – ask me anything.

In his home-recording studio, Billy rants about ‘this guy who takes and takes – he causes pain and thinks he might get away with it. If wealth and power offer blanket immunity, is that not an indictment on all of us!? he slams his laptop shut.

Now alone with Sally, Adam will tell her more about Diane some other time. After a pep talk, he heads off to win over his sister. Wish me luck. You won’t need it (but Sally’s left to look troubled)

Still at Society, Ashland loves two people in this world; Vikki and his son. Guessing he’s being asked to advocate on Ashland’s behalf to Kyle, Jack barks – why the hell would I do that?!

Diane worked (hard) with a psychologist who called her out on her crap. Being a narcissist didn’t get her anywhere. My behavior left me broken and alone, she tears up – it cost me my beautiful son; who she now asks for forgiveness. What if all that work didn’t help? What if I say no? Kyle asks.

Jack’s heard enough sick, twisted reasoning lately. And when Ashland decides to go to Kyle directly, Jack warns him that now is not the time to ask Kyle for forgiveness (and storm out)

If Kyle doesn’t forgive her, Diane will just go home. You don’t owe me a thing. My love for you was never ‘an act’, she insists it was the only good part of herself. She’s ecstatic when Kyle decides to give her a chance – please don’t go back to LA.

Of course Vikki has time for Adam. Are you going to give me 500 million of someone else’s money to get a promotion? She smiles and nods as Adam makes his pitch for working together.

At CL’s, Nikki tells Victor to brace himself – Vikki offered her a promotion; co-CEO – and she accepted. Really? he’s is indeed surprised.

Vikki was never going to agree to Dad’s request that she promote Adam. She does need help – but not Adam’s help. Her Mother will be her CEO.

Nikki’s happy when Victor takes her hands across the table. It makes him happy that his beautiful wife will be running the company.

Kyle comes home to tell his Dad that he’s still conflicted but has given his Mother a chance to prove herself to him. Jack’s very bad day just got a whole lot worse (he looks like he’s been slapped)