Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

Sharon’s not hungry – but Nick’s making his world-famous pancakes.

On the patio, Tessa joins NoahandTessa on the patio. Good news; Crystal can come to the wedding. Mariah’s face is blank.

Inside, Ashland’s contrition tour continues. Vikki wonders what he’s still doing in town. How can he let go of his love?

At Society, Chelsea’s all business. Chloe can see that Rey’s death is hitting her very hard.

Crystal can come and go as she pleases. How? That’s an amazing story.

If you really loved me, you’d take your blood money and leave town. Vikki’s even nastier with Adam. She doesn’t care what Dad thinks about her decision – it’s her decision to make. Ashland watches Vikki storm out of CL’s.

Chloe encourages Chelsea to pull it together for Connor’s sake. He’s having trouble separating his guilt from his grief; he got no interest in hockey, so she’s appealed to Noah. Chloe asks just how close Chelsea was with Rey.

Nick will make up the huge mess in the kitchen if she has a few more bites. Noah and the girls arrive with wonderful news. Crystal can come to the wedding – the charges against her were dropped, thanks to Rey. Sharon’s stunned.

Rey looked through the cold-case, then talked to Mike – who went to the DA. That’s amazing, Sharon smiles. The best part? Rey had the bag guys after her arrested. No, Rey didn’t tell Sharon either. Now, Tessa’s sister can be maid of honour.

Vikki made us both look like lap dogs looking for a bone, Ashland taunts Adam – she’s not giving you the time of day. Your name’s been dropped, Adam’s happy to report that Ashland’s out of the loop – Nikki’s co-CEO – at least I’m still CEO of Newman Media – all you have is money.

Finding a new portrait up on the office wall, Vikki’s told that Nikki (and Victor) had it done.