Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

Rey was supportive; he should have hated me. He went to Miami with me- we had deep conversations, he bonded with Connor, told me I was a good Mom.

Sharon tells Nick and the three kids that she wants to do a small memorial before she leaves with Rey for Miami – tomorrow. She wants to say goodbye with her friends and family – today.

Chelsea wasn’t in love with Rey – he loved Sharon. She snaps at Chloe for reading emotion into her grief. Now, look at these sketches.

Vikki’s surprised that her Dad accepted her making her Mom co-CEO. He hasn’t lost faith in you at all, Nikki insists.

Give up, Adam leaves Ashland to text Nick – can we please meet?

Nick announces his text from Ashland (why, is beyond him) When Sharon and the kids encourage him to go. Nick replies- Society, now.

You’re making it sound like I’m obsessing over this, Chelsea snaps again at Chloe.

At the bar, Ashland has an offer – no strings attached.

Chloe recognizes the signs of Chelsea being on the edge. She’s hoping to interrupt the cycle of blame. Admitting she’s right, Chelsea will go rest before they make their pitch to Lauren later.

Nick finds it hard to believe that Ashland’s donating 25 million to New Hope. Nick doesn’t want his blood money. No strings, but one caveat – work derived from the money is in honour of Rey Roscales.

Nick doesn’t respond to bribes and won’t let Ashland buy redemption. Clever, he admits. Ashland asks him to think about it. Nick leaves without further word.

Sharon and the kids make plans for a casual, joyful service. Tessa will sing, Noah will do a slideshow of photos and instead of Sharon speaking, guests can quietly think of their own memories with Rey. Sharon loves it.

Ashland’s at Newman to tell his Mom and sister about Ashland’s offer. His name won’t go on the buildings – he wants to honour Rey. Nikki’s horrified. Vikki thinks Nick should take every penny of that money.

Vikki sees nothing wrong in putting Ashland’s money to good use. It won’t make her forgive him. She encourages Nick to take it.

Back at CL’s, Tessa suggests Mariah take her Mom at her word – this memorial is a way to help her let go.

Home alone, Sharon talks to a framed wedding photo on the mantel. Your coffee cup is still by the sink, she cries – I hope you didn’t suffer. I hope you know how loved you are, were. Who will I turn to now? How will I manage without my precious husband? I’ll find a way, she vows.