Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Napping in her bed, Diane has a nightmare that she’s being arrested at CL’s – at Jack’s direction, while Kyle stands behind him, glaring.

At the house, Jack hears that Kyle hasn’t contacted his Mom again. Nope. Are you having second thoughts about giving her a second chance? Big time.

Meeting at CL’s, Billy asks Lily what she thought of his new podcast; The Grinning Soul. The numbers are good. He’s not using names or his real voice. Lily’s still sure anyone listening will guess he’s talking about Ashland.

In the office, Adam reports to Sally that his Father must have approved Vikki promoting her Mother. As usual, he’s left out in the cold. You don’t need any of them, Sally sure does have advice – strike out on your own!

You don’t need them, Sally trots out her list of glowing adjectives to describe Adam. If I went out on my own, would you be OK staying here to run Newman Media? he wonders.

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Even the cop arresting Diane has no sympathy for her when Jack and Kyle inform that she’s a liar who abandoned her son. Handcuffed, Diane’s hauled out of CL’s kicking and screaming.

Kyle’s conflicted – how can he reconcile the Mother he knew with the Mother who vanished from his life. Her reasons sounded plausible, rehearsed even. What does YOUR gut tell YOU? he asks his Dad.

Since his Dad won’t influence him, Kyle must decide whether his Mother’s changed or do I just wish she’s changed? Jack had the same questions – why did Diane come forward now? The plan she worked out with Adam was to fake her death and take Kyle with her. Jack admits Diane was right – he’d have come looking for them. Maybe Diane made the right choice, leaving the way she did.

Sally would stay and try to win Adam’s family over. It’s rare to find what we share. She wants Adam to be himself and will support him either way ~kiss~

Billy altered his voice to say stuff he couldn’t. Billy 1 is Lily’s right-hand man while Billy 2 is a rebel who answers to no one. Lily still worries someone will connect the dots – like Vikki.

Over breakfast, Billy no longer feels the need to protect Vikki, now that she knows who Ashland is. Billy hopes Ashland figures out he’s behind the podcast. Actions have consequences.