Friday, May 6th, 2022

We have to tell Nick about Diane, especially since you told Adam, Nikki points out. Victor told Adam because he was Diane’s co-conspirator – he’s been warned to stay away from her. Nick hates her. They grumble some more about the evil Diane.

Diane understands why the Abbotts are suspicious. Grilling her, they doubt a therapist would approve of her coming to GC. No therapist would be onboard with you using my granddaughter to get to me, Jack knows. Maybe you’re just telling Kyle what he wants to hear.

You had a meeting to get to, Vikki dodges Billy’s question. He thinks the public should hear what a monster Ashland is. Vikki’s a private person, she doesn’t appreciate Billy exploiting her private pain – so much for your promise to always be there for me, she exits quickly.

Victor’s paid the check and has a doggy bag with Nikki’s favourite dessert. Nikki’s still thinking about Ashland trying to win Vikki back with his donation to Nick’s charity. Both wish she’d would make it clear to Ashland that she’s done with him so he’ll leave town.

Back at her office, Vikki removes the necklace Ashland gave her; the words of The Grinning Soul echo in her head.

The Abbotts have questions about this therapist – is she licensed? And why aren’t you still doing sessions by phone or video? How long have you been seeing a psychologist? 6 years, four years. Four years to eradicate your sociopathic tendencies? the Abbotts aren’t buying it. Ashley would like to see her bank statements. Diane just bought a house in LA. Ah yes, Keemo’s house, Jack again mentions his granddaughter. By the time Billy arrives, Diane can only hope the Abbotts can forgive her – like Ashley did Victor. Like the characters in Traci’s novels. The same profound love Abby feels for Dominic, Diane feels for Kyle. Don’t stand in the way of that, she implores.

How do you see this going forward? Traci asks. Diane would welcome any time Kyle can spare – a phone call here and there, a Christmas card – whatever he’s comfortable with. Just being able to tell him that I love him – anything else would be a gift. Yes, she’d go to Italy – and to GC if he moved back here. The Newmans hate you, Abby points out. Diane’s a different person – just like you don’t ride around on a horse naked anymore. Back to Kyle, Diane will make whatever sacrifices are neccesary to be close to him. Thanks for giving me this chance, she leaves Kyle to ask the family what they think.

Nikki and Victor are back at the office for chit chat. Noticing that Vikki’s not wearing her necklace, Nikki approves – good for you. Victor’s oblivious – what did I miss?

Vikki downplays the necklace as ‘just a piece of jewelry’ – Ashland donating money to Nick’s cause won’t change her mind. She thanks her Father for the new portrait and for being happy that she chose her Mother as co-CEO. Victor thinks it would have been premature to have appointed Adam as CEO and Vikki’s doing a great job – and with Nikki as co-CEO, the sky’s the limit.

Ashley’s sorry to tell Kyle that Diane’s performance wasn’t sincere. Traci’s not so sure – she could tell how much Diane loves her son. Abby can’t be objective – but Diane bringing up Dominic was a red flag – very calculated. Billy would give Diane a second chance (since he’s been given so many) The vote stands as 2 opposed – 2 who think it worth the risk. Jack will be the tiebreaker.

Vikki’s going for a quick bite before their 3pm meeting with PR to restore the Newman Enterprises brand. Nikki and Victor are left to marvel at how strong their daughter is. Nikki knows she’s still grieving the loss of her marriage to Ashland.

Jack can relate to everyone’s point of view. It’s your decision Kyle – weigh what you’ve heard, he’ll support whatever he decides. Don’t rush. Answering a knock at the door, Jack’s surprised. Ally’s sorry to just show up – bad timing? No, your timing is excellent – come in and meet your family.