Monday, May 9th, 2022

A nervous Ally is propelled into the living room by Jack. She’s surprised to hear that Taylor/Diane is in town. The Abbotts are in an ’emotional state’ – but very happy to meet Ally (though Ashley seems a bit reserved)

At Nate’s, Devon’s happy that his COO has such good ideas. Both are glad they were able to repair their relationship – family and forgiveness are more important than anything. Amen to that, Lily arrives to chime in.

Nick joins Sharon as she’s ending a call – everything’s set up for the church service this afternoon. Nick will respect whatever Sharon wants but hopes there’s one thing she’ll reconsider.

Nick doesn’t think Sharon should go alone to Miami. I won’t be alone, I’ll be with Rey’s family. Nick’s just a call away – I’d do anything for you.

Devon’s decided to go along with a big, splashy party. Told that Billy’s at an Abbott family meeting, both Devon and Nate noticed that he ‘checked out’ when they were all talking about the company being their family legacy.

With introductions out of the way, the Abbotts offer Ally their condolences. Having worked with Keemo, Ashley speaks very highly of him. Billy wonders what changed in Ally’s busy schedule that allowed her the time to come to GC.

Lily insists that Billy’s not uncomfortable, or that he’d rather be working at Jabot with his family. He’s 100% committed to our company. Their meeting wraps up as Elena comes home from a 12-hour shift.

After the stress of exams Ally needed a break, so took Jack up on his offer. Speaking of stress, Kyle quietly slips out. Convinced to stay at the house instead of a hotel, Ally’s taken upstairs by Traci to ‘find a room’. Jack has to go take care of something but will be right back.

Sharon’s taking care of something, leaving Nick busy on his phone when Diane arrives. No, I’m not dead, I’m very much alive – and I’m back, she takes a seat across from a horrified Nick.

Where have you been? Nick sneers. Short version, Diane faked her death and moved to California. Now she’s back to make amends to Kyle (who’s considering it) Your parents know I’m in town, Diane’s surprised they didn’t tell Nick. And when he suggests she leave town, Diane asks if that’s a threat.

What a day, Billy and Ashley agree – first, a woman long thought dead, then Jack’s long-lost granddaughter. He must have gone after Kyle. When Ashley scolds Billy for suggesting Kyle give Diane a chance, he doubles down – it’s Kyle’s decision.

Jack catches up to Kyle at TGP elevator. Yes, he’s there to see how his Mother’s doing after being grilled by the Abbotts. She’s made an impression on you, Jack can tell.

Kyle appreciates his Dad’s support but needs to do this on his own – go back and be with Ally. I’m fine, really. Kyle has some things to say to his Mother in private. Say no more, Jack leaves.