Friday, May 6th, 2022

At Society for lunch with Nikki, Victor’s delighted to hear that the company is being restored to its original name; Newman Enterprises. Nikki hopes Diane will stay away from the family – Vikki has enough to deal with.

Running (hobbling) into Billy at CL’s, Vikki mentions a podcast she listened to last night; The Grinning Soul. Ah yes, ChanceCom’s newest podcaster is out of California, Billy thinks he’s got an interesting take on the world. He has an even more interesting take on my husband, Vikki says knowingly.

At the house, Jack offers to get Diane a glass of water – you look pale. Surprised to see the whole Abbott family assembled, Diane quickly regroups and offers to answer any and all questions. Having already mentioned that she and her daughter were blackmailed and almost charged with Diane’s murder, Ashley wonders why they’d believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Vikki knows Billy is The Grinning Soul and the greedy mogul who faked an illness is Ashland. Not fooled by the voice change, she knows the cadence of Billy’s speech; the phrases he uses. Oh come on, that’s hilarious, Billy scoffs. But, if this Grinning Soul WAS talking about your ex, would you have a problem with that?

If Diane Jenkins harasses Vikki, she’ll have to deal with me, Victor scowls. He’ll have to remind Adam not to mention Diane to his sister. She won’t get a warm welcome from anyone, he assures Nikki.

Back at the house, Kyle’s sorry this isn’t going as planned – let’s forget the whole thing. Diane objects, surely they can see how much you need this. Are you serious? After everything you put Kyle through you now want to be his protector?! Ashley’s the most pissed off. His FAMILY has been here for him. Jack agrees. Diane’s determined to prove that she’s changed – she won’t waste this opportunity Kyle’s given her. Ashley hopes Kyle can see that Diane’s trying to set the agenda – the quiver in your voice. Oh, how brave you are to be facing us all. Diane’s not manipulating her son, she just wants his forgiveness. We told Kyle we’d hear Diane out, Traci reminds. OK, you’ve got the floor – give it your best shot, Jack gives Diane the go ahead.