Monday, May 9th, 2022

No threat, there’s just nothing for you in GC, Nick explains that everyone’s moved on from the damage Diane caused – you should have stayed gone. Diane only cares what Kyle thinks. Rejoining Nick, Sharon’s jaw hits the floor at the sight of Diane. Nick ushers her out the door – he’ll fill her in on the drive home.

Nate’s massage has turned Elena into a marshmallow. But getting a sudden burst of energy, she takes Nate’s hand and leads him upstairs for a bubble bath.

Billy joins Lily at the office (where they can now work since the construction next door is finished) Working from the apartment had its benefits – Billy didn’t have to wear pants. He tells Lily that Diane’s in town, and so is Jack’s long-lost granddaughter. Her meeting with Nate and Devon went well – no drama. Speaking of drama, Billy has something else to tell Lily.

Billy relays his run-in with Vikki – you were right; she knows I’m the Grinning Soul, and she knows I was talking about Ashland. Lily thinks Billy should find a balance with his podcasts – keep it personal and universal.

Kyle’s mildly puzzled when his knock at his Mother’s room goes unanswered.

Home to report that Kyle’s fine, Jack’s told that Ally’s in the kitchen with Abby – they’ve really hit it off. Both Traci and Ashley like Ally too. Sensing that something’s weighing on her, Traci advises Jack to offer Ally a shoulder to lean on.

Billy’s recording his podcast – my musings/ramblings are of a universal nature but from personal experience. It’s not always going to be pretty. Some of it will be downright ugly. I’ll be hard on myself and very hard on those who have evil in their hearts. I will show them no mercy.

Elena comes down in a robe. His shirt unbuttoned, Nate’s poured wine. His meeting was great. There’s something magical about a family coming together to share a dream.

Back at the house, Nick won’t stress about Diane. Sharon’s rattled so can’t imagine how Nick felt seeing her. Nick’s only focus is Sharon – is there anything you need me to do? No, but Sharon really appreciates his support.

Kyle? What are you doing here? Diane’s surprised to find him at TGP bar. Waiting for you – Kyle hopes his Mother didn’t feel ambushed. No, Diane was happy to explain herself to everyone at once. She’s stunned when Kyle announces that he’s going back to Milan – tonight.

Everyone’s raving about you, Jack tells Ally. If you need anything … Abby says as she leaves. Yes, Ally’s all settled in upstairs. Everyone’s been really great – the room is lovely. Your family has been so kind. They’re your family too, Jack’s alarmed when she bursts into tears.